Parakeet's funny reaction to his new buddies

Sir William has 2 new buddies, but he does not like them. At all.

One of the characteristics of parakeet, which is quite similar to human, is the faithfulness and affection for its kids. If you area able to see the parakeets in wild places, you will see that both male and female parakeets can take a good care of little birds. However, it’s real birds we are talking about. It seems like even parakeet, one of the most caring parents of the wild life, doesn’t like the appearance of intruders.

Here, this green parakeet called Sir William doesn’t seem to be so friendly to his new buddies, which are a pair of digibirds. The real bird must be a little cranky, but his reaction is adorable though.

Video: Mizzy's Parrots


By: Anna Bennett

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