Impatient Drogo can't wait to be with his dad

Such an impatient husky.

The Husky breed originates from the cold Siberia, a land that produces many of the world's most famous breeds, and was brought to Alaska in the United States in 1909. In this land Husky dogs were originally specialized and employed in working, but then gradually they were raised as domestic animals, and very much loved by many.

What does it feel like to have 5 huskies at the same home? What does it feel like to live with 4 siblings? Yes, everything will be a competition. And these 5 huskies know that. Maybe even getting daddy’s attention is a competition too! Just take a look at these 5 adorable surrounding the pool while their owner is cleaning it, and one of them just can’t wait.

Video: Growing up husky Rachel New


By: Peter Baker

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