Zurich - Switzerland's most populous city

It is difficult to discover all Swiss cities on a single trip, but if you have to choose which cities to visit, perhaps Zurich is an indispensable name.


Switzerland has many beautiful and famous cities. It is difficult to discover all Swiss cities on a single trip. However, if you have to choose which cities to visit, perhaps Zurich is an indispensable name. Zurich is Switzerland's largest and most populous city and of course Switzerland's top tourist destination.

The ideal time to visit Zurich


The weather and climate in Zurich are divided into 4 seasons quite clearly. Every different season, Zurich has its own interesting things that we can explore. According to Zurich travel experience, spring is the best time for you to visit this city. This is the time when nature in Zurich is extremely beautiful, the weather is warm, pleasant and the flowers are blooming, so it will be suitable for the journey of exploring Zurich.

How to move inside Zurich


Zurich is a city with a fairly developed and convenient public transport system. You can choose the type of vehicles such as bus, tram, and subway to move here. There is also a very interesting type of vehicle that you should try to ride a bike. You should not go by car separately because the price of gasoline and parking lot in Zurich are very high.

Hotels in Zurich that you can refer to

City Backpacker Biber

- Address: Niederdorfstrasse 5, 1. Rathaus-Hochschulen-Lindenhof-City, Zurich

- Lowest room price: 37USD

ibis budget Zurich Airport

- Address: Flughofstrasse 45, Zurich Airport, Zurich

- Lowest room price: 84USD

INSIDE FIVE - City Apartments

- Address: Motorenstrasse 11, 5. Gewerbeschule-Escher Wyss, Zurich

- Lowest room price: 95USD

Best Western Plus Hotel Zürcherhof

- Address: Zähringerstrasse 21, 1. Rathaus-Hochschulen-Lindenhof-City, Zurich

- Lowest room price: 175USD

Where to go in Zurich?

Lake Zurich


If you're still wondering about where to go to Zurich, Lake Zurich is an ideal choice for you. This is a beautiful lake, with a large area and covered with a thick layer of ice. The water is clear and very clean. There are many lake tours offered by travel agencies that you can choose from.

Zurich old town


Speaking of the most popular tourist destinations in Zurich, it is certainly impossible not to mention Zurich old town. This is a peaceful old town in the heart of the bustling city of Zurich. Visit this old town, visitors will have the opportunity to see the ancient and unique architectural works.

The University of Zurich


The University of Zurich is also an attractive attraction that many tourists love in the city of Zurich. This school is one of the top universities in Switzerland. Many geniuses and Nobel laureates have attended this school.

Swiss National Museum


Swiss National Museum is the same destination that you should not miss while traveling to Zurich. If you want to learn more about the history of formation and the unique culture in Switzerland, you should visit this museum. In addition, this museum also displays a lot of extremely impressive and valuable collections.

By: Emily Garcia

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