Wobbly houses and other places to visit when in Vienna

If you come to Vienna capital in Austria, visit the unique buildings, imprinted with history and culture.


Hundertwasser House is a unique architectural complex designed by architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Many tourists come here to think that when looking at the building for a long time, they will see dizziness because there are too many combined convex and concave blocks, curves, straight lines constantly changing colors and proportions. The climbing plants cover the walls of the building, making the scenery peaceful. 


Located 6 km from Vienna city center, Schonbrunn castle attracts tourists by owning large gardens with elaborate trimming trees. Built in the 1600s and plays an important role in Austrian culture, the Schonbrunn Palace is a giant structure, designed in Baroque style including 1441 rooms. The castle is the most beloved residence of the Austrian Royal in the summer. In 1996, it was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. 


St. Stephan's Catholic Church is a destination that should not be missed when visiting Vienna. Here, visitors can be overwhelmed by the magnificent and splendid architecture. The roof of the church is decorated with more than 200,000 ceramic tiles forming a giant mosaic of a two-headed eagle, the symbol of the Holy Roman Empire. 


Hofburg Imperial Palace was the main residence of the Habsburg royal family for six centuries, from 1276 until the dynasty collapsed in 1918. Here, you will hear the performance of Vienna Boys’ Choir at the royal church. You can also see collections of jewelry, crowns, and antiques in the Schatzkammer treasure museum. 


The Opera House is a symbol of art in Vienna. During the Second World War, the theater was completely destroyed and was rebuilt as a symbol of Austria's reconstruction. If you want to learn about the history and culture of this country, head to the Vienna State Opera. 


Museum of art history: In addition to the collection of famous artworks from the Habsburg dynasty, the museum also stores a series of other works of Egyptian, Greek and Roman art for visitors to visit. 


Donauturm tower: The 252-meter-tall Donauturm tower, located in Vienna's Donaustadt district is one of the 75 tallest towers in the world. Donauturm tower includes radio transmitters and mobile phone antennas. Inside the tower are two restaurants, and an observatory. You can see the whole of Vienna capital from here. 


Vienna forest is located in the west of the city and stretches for about 45 km surrounded by rivers. This beautiful forest is an attractive place to visit for those who love nature and want to enjoy the beauty of the Austrian suburbs. 

By: Lily Luis

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