Wengen - the peaceful village without cars in Switzerland

Wengen village not only welcomes visitors with stunning natural scenery but also touches your heart with small and emotional corners.

Dubbed as one of the true fairy villages, the village of Wengen is one of the famous tourist spots in Switzerland that has left many unforgettable impressions for visitors. Wengen is a small village located at 1,274 m altitude at the foot of Jungfrau mountain, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. The first documents mention this mysterious village dating back to 751 years ago, but the information is vague, and cannot explain why the village is named Wengen. In 2001, UNESCO officially recognized the village as a world heritage site along with the Jungfrau region.


In the past, the village was completely separate from the outside world, almost without any external inrush. In the 1850s, the first tourists arrived in the village.


Over 160 years, Wegen has become a world-famous destination, with beautiful scenery often seen on postcards and unbelievably fresh, relaxed life. Afar visitors can see the majestic snow mountains. Groundwater melted from glaciers, poured into vertical cliffs hundreds of meters high, creating beautiful falls. All blend together to create a dreamlike picture.


This is also a rare village in the world that does not allow cars to appear. Public transport only has a unique railway. More than 7,000 village residents mainly travel by bike, agricultural vehicle, trailer or foot. To get to Wengen, visitors almost have to walk through the small trails surrounding the village or can get here by cable car. Therefore, Wengen village is also a place for people to recall the world of the car era that has not been invented.

Currently, the extended area of the village has been strewn with cars, but the main area has never had. You can spend an afternoon wandering through the village, watching the magnificent snow mountains and enjoying the quiet calm atmosphere.


People here decorate the house very meticulously and subtly, from the wooden fences around the house, the entrance gate to the mailbox.


All windows have small colorful flower pots, curtains are also carefully tied. Each house has a different style but is close, delicate and gentle.


It seems that all the houses in the village are like that. The people here love their small families, spending a lot of time taking care of the home, where they reunite every day. Their happiness is not only doing things that are too big but also starting from the most simple things.

Wengen village is a perfect holiday for the whole family. Coming to Wengen, visitors should be comfortable and free. Wengen village is considered a home for all travelers in the world, and people here are honest and kind. Definitely, if visitors come here once, then there will be the 2nd and 3rd time when nature reminds them.

By: Grace White

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