Visiting 7 world-class car museums in the world

Displaying both classic and modern cars, world-class car museums are not only merely destinations for speed enthusiasts but also places for tourists to visit.

Porsche Museum (Stuttgart, Germany)


Porsche Museum began construction in October 2005, with a budget of about 100 million Euro, and inaugurated in 2009. Soon after, millions of visitors came to visit, including about 35 % are tourists from abroad.


The museum is designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects office in Wien. Each year, it is estimated that there are between 70,000 and 80,000 visitors. Every year, dozens of new and unique cars are changed to attract viewers.

Petersen Automotive Museum (Los Angeles, California, USA)


Located at the intersection of Wilshire Avenue and Fairfax in Los Angeles, Petersen Automotive Museum is likened to a huge universe of many cars.


Petersen Museum was built on June 11, 1994, so far Petersen is still the famous car museum in the automotive market worldwide. Petersen Museum is 9,000m2 wide, built by famous designer Kohn Petersen Fox.

Enzo Ferrari Museum (Modena, Italy)


Museo Enzo Ferrari was built in 2012 and redesigned from the structure of his house Enzo Ferrari - founder of the Ferrari brand. With an area of 2,500m2, the museum includes exhibition space, hotels, and shops.


When coming to this museum, you will know the history and development of the famous car company - Ferrari. Ferrari has showrooms in most countries and territories around the world such as the United States, United Arab Emirates, India, and South Africa.

Louwman Museum (The Hague, Netherlands)


Louwman Museum is a display space for the unique collection of cars owned by the Louwman family. The museum was built in 2010 and designed 3 floors with an area of up to 10,000m2, displaying nearly 250 ancient cars. In particular, all attention is usually focused on the impressive Cadillac version of King Rock 'n' Roll Elvis Presley.


Besides, visiting the Louwman Museum, you will admire the Jaguar XKD 606 in 1957 and the Laconda in 1935. This collection is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful classic car collections in the world.

World of Speed Museum (United Kingdom)


Opened in 2015, the World of Speed Museum is located in Wilsonville, less than 20 miles south of Portland. The museum exhibits hundreds of cars, motorbikes and especially displays the boats.


This museum was founded by local benefactors, Dave, and Sally Bany. Half of the space of this museum is devoted to displaying the cars and the remaining space is used for educational purposes. Besides the exhibition space, the World of Speed Museum also has a living room with a capacity of 1,000 guests.

Mercedes-Benz Museum (Stuttgart, Germany)


This museum is very large (16,500 m2), divided into several floors. Mercedes' display is quite unique, each floor is a generation of cars with increasing time.


A special thing at Mercedes-Benz Museum, different from other car museums, is the display of human transport facilities from ancient times to modern times.

Mullin Automotive Museum (California, USA)


This place was founded in 2010 in California and is privately owned as an entrepreneur named Peter W. Mullin. Mullin car museum has an area of more than 5 thousand m2.


As one of four limited cars, Bugatti Type 57SC is a famous car in the ancient car world and used to pass many owners before returning to the Mullin Museum.

By: Kelly Jonas

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