Verona - the love city of Italy

The classic love story of Romeo and Juliet comes from Verona city, so this place has been dubbed the love city of Italy.


Verona city is located in Verona province, in the region of Veneto, northern Italy. In ancient times, it used to be an important traffic node in the country's waterway system. Not only is famous for the love story between Romeo and Juliet, but Verona is also one of the most attractive tourist cities of Italy. Visitors to this place will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful ancient architecture, a huge treasure of cultural and artistic heritage.

Juliet's house


By the immortal love story between Romeo and Juliet, Verona became more famous in the world. If you have the opportunity to come here, you absolutely should not ignore the house of Juliet. This ancient house was built around the 12th century.

The most interesting attraction here is the balcony, which witnessed the romantic love story banned by the two families. You can also write love messages on a piece of paper yourself and paste it on the wall around the house. It is thought that if we do, there will be lasting love.

Roman Arena


Not only does Rome have a Roman arena, but Verona also has an equally famous Roman arena. Located in the prime location of the city center, this arena is estimated to attract tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Erbe Square


In Verona, there are also many beautiful squares like other Italian cities. Among them, the most beautiful and famous is Erbe Square, or more accurately, Piazza Delle Erbe. In ancient times, this square was often used as a gathering place and took place many important events of the city.

Around the square, there is an extremely crowded and bustling outdoor market. Here visitors can visit and shop for fresh fruits. The space in the middle of the square is where the fountain and a statue of Madonna are located. This is also considered the symbol of the whole city of Verona.

San Zeno Maggiore Cathedral


Verona city has quite a lot of churches with beautiful ancient space. It will be very difficult for you to discover this whole place, but there is a special cathedral that you should not ignore is San Zeno Maggiore. This cathedral was built in the 12th century. Over hundreds of years of history, this place is still preserved almost intact with its ancient beauty. San Zeno Maggiore Cathedral was built from special Verona stones. When coming here to visit, you will be impressed by the walls radiating yellow in front of your eyes.

Castelvecchio ancient castle


Ancient castles are also bright spots when traveling to Verona. Castelvecchio ancient castle used to be the residence of the Scala family - the ruler of Verona at that time. So far, the castle has become a museum displaying many valuable antiques such as paintings, sculptures or precious jewelry.

By: Jonath Martin

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