Unique undersea restaurants around the world

Enjoy seafood while watching the sea creatures during the meal is the must-try experience for everyone.

The diners have the opportunity to enjoy seafood while watching the sea creatures during the meal at these restaurants. 


Coral Reef (Florida, USA):

This unique restaurant is located in the aquarium The Seas, on the campus of Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Guests eating here will have the opportunity to admire the colorful coral reefs and watch more than 4,000 different sea creatures in Florida's largest aquarium. 


Under (Norway):

The Under restaurant has been officially completed and put into use in early 2019. The site is said to be the largest restaurant in the world and the first undersea restaurant to be built in Europe. The restaurant is located at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coast, accommodating about 100 diners with semi-submerged architecture. Concrete walls up to 1 m thick to withstand the most extreme conditions. 


5.8 Undersea (Maldives):

5.8 Undersea is located in the luxurious resort Hurawalhi in the Maldives. This restaurant has only 10 tables with a cozy and majestic space when the entire restaurant is surrounded by tempered glass, allowing diners to see all kinds of colorful fish with an attractive marine ecosystem in the beautiful island nation. 


Ossiano (Dubai, UAE):

This restaurant is located in the area of an aquarium in Atlantis the Palm. It provides a perfect space for diners using seafood while watching over 65,000 different types of fish in the aquarium. World-famous travel magazine Time Out has voted Ossiano four times in a row to be the best seafood destination in Dubai. 


Sharks Underwater Grill (Florida, USA):

Located in the Sea World Aquarium in Florida, Sharks Underwater Grill restaurant is not for the faint-hearted diners because the guests here will dine around the sharks. In addition to enjoying seafood, visitors come here also have a wonderful experience when contacting "the lord of the ocean" through glass layers. 


Ithaa Undersea (Conrad Maldives Rangali, Maldives):

Ithaa Undersea is the first undersea restaurant in the world. Located 5 m below sea level, Ithaa serves two famous dishes including caviar and Maldives lobster. Here, diners can see a view of the aquarium up to 180 degrees. 


Subsix (Maldives):

Located 6 meters below sea level of the Indian Ocean, Subsix is the first underwater bar in the world. The glass windows surrounding the bar provide a great view of the ocean at night. It’s about 500 meters from the coast, so visitors can take a boat to Subsix. 

By: Gitta Russell

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