Under the Athenian sun

Named after a powerful, intelligent and astute Goddess, the ancient citadel of Athens still stands firm throughout the long history.

If you've ever fallen in love with Greek mythology, visit Athens once. It is the capital and the largest city in Greece, one of the oldest cities in the world with a history of at least 3000 years. The city offers visitors an invaluable experience in both culture and cuisine.


Athens is the 8th largest city in Europe and is rapidly becoming a leading economic center in the European Union.

Ancient Athens is inherently a powerful state. The center of art, philosophy, scholarship, the academy site of Plato writer and Lyceum garden of the great writer Aristotle.


Athens is also home to the Socrates, Pericles, Sophocles and many famous ancient philosophers, writers, and politicians. Athens is considered the cradle of Western Civilization and the birthplace of the concept of democracy, largely due to the influence of the political and cultural achievements of this city in the 5th and 4th centuries. BC for the rest of continental Europe.


The legacy of the ancient period remained quietly in the city next to the rapid development of the world. You just need to walk a little bit to see countless monuments and art works. The most famous is the Parthenon Temple on the Acropolis, which is a highlight in the epic of Western civilization.


Athens also houses many Roman and Byzantine monuments, a small number of Ottoman monuments. It is the monuments that show the city's rich history through turbulent periods. The outstanding works of the modern era are incredible as the Athens Triad (Library, University and Academia).

Athens was the first host city of the Olympic Games in 1896, and after 108 years, it was the host of the Summer Olympics with great success.


Acropolis - a temple complex consisting of the Propylaea gate, Erechtheion temple, Nike temple and Parthenon temple on the summit at an altitude of 156m above sea level, was built from 467 to 407 BC.


It is also known as Cecropia, the name of the first king of Athens, Kekrops or Cecrops, which, according to myths, is a snake.


The Acropolis is ruined, but it is beautiful, it is the beauty of the imperfection

Acient Agora, located in the northwest of the Acropolis, south of the Areopagus hill, and west of the hill Agoraios Kolonos. Due to its central location, it used to be a commercial, residential or residential area called Market Hill. Like the Acropolis, this place has only a few vestiges of the golden age


Ice coffee, frappe coffee was created in Greece.  Back in 1957, a peddler named Dimitris Vakondios, happened to create a chilled coffee, that was to accidentally cool instant coffee and frappe means "chilled" in French.


The appearance of frappe coffee became a big hit for Greek tourism, especially young people who first came here to explore during the hot summer days.


By: Zayan Vegas

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