Travel and sustainable lifestyle in Peru Eco Camp

Travel experience combined with sustainable lifestyle is now a developing trend in many countries around the world. What has created this particular trend?

Sustainable living is a viable solution to global warming and a healthy planet. We can simply understand that a sustainable lifestyle is the way of using and maintaining resources without exhausting any natural resources.

If you want to explore the beauty of wilderness with many pristine mountains, and want to make your trip more meaningful by living environmentally sustainable, Peru Eco Camp will meet your requirements.



Peru Eco Camp is the first sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle experience held in Peru in 2018. The campsite owns organic gardens, uses solar energy and water resources. Naturally, it gives visitors a green lifestyle experience and has the least impact on the environment.

This eco-adventure will take you along the Salkantay Trail, through the pristine slopes while gazing at the fields, passing through glacial lakes like Humantay, picturesque villages and the lost city of the Incas in Machu Picchu. This is also the journey chosen by the National Geographic Adventure as one of the 25 most beautiful trekking sites in the world that you should try.



There are totally five camps in the Peru Eco Camp that you are going through during this picnic. All are designed with wide dome. Each dorm has a king size bed or twin single beds and is equipped with a private bathroom (toilet and hydromassage shower), wood-burning stove and blanket to keep you warm. Dinner and drinks are served at the dining dome or the lobby bar. Besides, you can experience luxurious accommodation and typical dishes of the Andes, which are made from fresh and organic local ingredients.

- Pincopata Eco Camp: As the first stop of Peru Eco Camp, Pincopata is 10-minute-walking away from the Mollepata town of Limatambo province. Situated in the delta area, Pincopata owns beautiful lawns and bushes planted by locals throughout the area. Also, star gazing near the large fire pit is also an interesting experience to try here.


- Soray Eco Camp: From Pincopata you can use vehicles such as cars, trucks or walk through the forest to reach the Soray. This is a breath-taking area with majestic and peaceful scenery from the Mother Nature. Besides, Soray Eco Camp is in a fairly high altitude location and has cool temperatures, so you will have the opportunity to experience a very different environment compared to Pincopata.


- Humantay Eco Camp: Humantay is located at an altitude of 3,900m, which is the highest geographical location of all these Eco Camps. Humantay Eco Camp is named after the mountain on which it is built.


- Milpo Eco Camp: This is the only stopover for tourists during the trekking. Milpo is located in an area covered with a lot of clouds, giving it a stunningly rare sight. The special thing that makes Milpo Eco Camp amazing is that the domes here face the valley across the river, creating a tranquil and peaceful setting.


- Cafe Eco Camp: The last stop of Peru Eco Camp is located in the town of Lucamabama, Santa Teresa Valley. Cafe Eco Camp Camp is surrounded by local farms producing a variety of products, from coffee to tropical fruits and honey.


What makes Eco Camp special in the eyes of visitors is the effort to create a sustainable lifestyle. Each camp at Eco Camp is equipped with a turbine system and solar panels. In addition, the water is handled with ultraviolet light, so it will be much safer when you use tap water and plastic waste during trips will also be reduced. The vegetable gardens here use organic fertilizer composted from the waste of fruits and vegetables from the kitchen of local people.

Peru Eco Camp will be your opportunity to connect with nature, enjoy pristine lakes and mountain air. This journey will definitely help you to refresh your mind effectively. If you intend to experience a different trip and promote sustainable lifestyle, this will be the perfect destination for you and your loved ones.







By: Archie Henderson

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