Top 7 famous tourist destinations in Greece

Every year, millions of tourists visit Greece to get a chance to set foot on the land of the gods. That makes Greece an indispensable name in European tours.

If you are planning to travel to Greece, please note the famous tourist destinations in Greece below immediately.

Athens City


Speaking of famous tourist destinations in Greece, perhaps the first name we have to mention is Athens city. Athens is the capital of Greece and is also considered the oldest city in human civilization. According to legend, Athens was built and protected by the goddess Athena.


Traveling to Athens, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the ancient architecture and the majestic natural scenery. The most famous destination in Athens is the Acropolis complex - a place of worship for the gods at Olympia.

Santorini Island


A place that any tourist who does not want to miss in Greece is the beautiful Santorini island. The island is located on the southeast coast of Greece and is considered a gem in the ocean.


Santorini island attracts visitors with beautiful architecture with white and blue colors harmoniously combined. Santorini is also attractive to the black sandy beaches and majestic cliffs. Santorini island tourism will definitely bring you great experiences that are hard to forget.

Meteora Monasteries

This is a very unique cultural heritage located between the poetic Pinios river and the majestic Pindus mountain. Meteora has a wonderful charm and is given the name "monastery on the cloud".


Meteora includes 6 monasteries built on top of a cliff mountain. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to admire a beautiful architectural complex, immersed in a majestic and ancient natural scenery.

Mystras Town


Mystras is one of the 10 most famous medieval cities in the world. Mystras is an ideal choice for you if you want to find a place to discover and enjoy Western beauty. This town includes many different ancient structures, combining many cultures such as Latin, Venice, Turkey.

Samaria Gorge

For the tourists who love to explore and enjoy sports especially climbing, Samaria gorge in Greece is a great choice. A trip to Samaria usually takes 4 to 7 hours. During that journey, every tourist must admire the magnificent beauty of the forests here.


Every year, more than 2 million tourists visit this gorge. They say that going to Samaria gorge they are lost in an ancient world from primitive times with extremely interesting experiences.

Myrtos Beach


Myrtos Beach is known as the most beautiful beach in Greece and is also one of the famous tourist destinations in Greece that you should not miss. Myrtos Beach has a beautiful jade green watercolor and smooth white sand like the skin of twenties girls.

Delphi Relic


Greece is a long-standing country with a history of thousands of years of formation and development, so it is not uncommon for Greece to have many ancient ruins. One of the most famous ancient ruins in Greece is Delphi. It is also recognized by UNESCO as one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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