Seattle - the most worth-living city in the US

Seattle is loved by tourists because of its unique blend of beautiful nature and diverse culture.


Located in western Washington state (USA), Seattle is covered by rolling hills and many beautiful bays. The most worth-living port city in the US not only thrives on information technology, aviation, architecture but is also impressed by its diverse culture, friendly and hospitable people. 


Favorable geographical location:

Seattle Port and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport are the main gateways to Asia, Alaska and many other places. Seattle is located in a prime location, between two major cities of Portland (Oregon) and Vancouver (Canada) to facilitate economic development and tourism development. When you arrive in Seattle, just bring your passport, you can easily visit neighboring Canada. 


Temperate climate:

Seattle has a temperate climate and nature changes with 4 seasons. In spring, this place is vast with tulips, in the summer it is a paradise of outdoor activities, in the autumn, the roads are bright in the red of the maple leaves and in the winter snow white is everywhere. Typhoon rarely happens in Seattle. The driest time of the year is from June to August. The city has a cool, fresh air, so people here like to participate in outdoor activities. 


Green city:

People often refer to Seattle as "The Emerald City" because of its large green area. The persistent rain makes plants in Seattle always fresh. This place has many green parks including Green Lake Park, Discovery Park and the incubator of Washington Park. 


Modern infrastructure:

Seattle owns the world's longest floating bridge named Evergreen Point. The famous Space Needle tower is 184 meters high and weighs 9,550 tons and is also the pride and symbol of the city. With massive works, this place is worthy of being one of the most beautiful cities in the US.


The University of Washington is consistently ranked as one of the best medical services in a recent medical study. The neighborhoods of Seattle have been equipped with modern emergency and medical systems since 1970. Seattle's three largest hospitals, Harborview Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center and Swedish Medical Center's are all located in First Hill. That's why this hill is also called "Pill Hill". 


Cultural diversity:

Chinatown is one of America's largest Chinatown. Here, visitors can easily find Uwajimaya Japanese market, Hong Kong restaurants, Taiwan restaurants open all night. 


Rich cuisine:

In addition to the beautiful landscapes, cool and fresh climate all year round, Seattle also captures the souls with diverse and attractive cuisine. It is home to many famous coffee brands in the world, many beautiful cakes, and fresh seafood. 


City of learning:

Seattle is always at the top of the US’ most intellectual cities. Many prestigious universities located in Seattle such as Washington, Gonzaga, Whitworth, and Pacific Lutheran always attract students to attend. 

By: Jonath Martin

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