Oktoberfest: Germany's largest beer festival

For those who love beer, this annual festival is a true paradise.

Talking about famous festivals in Germany, we can't help but mention the Oktoberfest beer festival. For guys who love beer, this annual festival is a true paradise. Every year, millions of tourists flock to Munich to attend the beer festival. Quickly prepare a trip to Germany to enjoy yourself in the exciting atmosphere of Oktoberfest beer festival. Oktoberfest beer festival 2019 will take place on Saturday, September 21 and finish on Sunday, October 6 in Munich. This is a very special festival that makes Germany famous all over the world.

The origin of the Oktoberfest beer festival


The Oktoberfest festival was first held on October 12, 1810, in Munich. Oktoberfest in German means October festival. The meaning of Oktoberfest is to celebrate the wedding of Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe -Hildburghausen. All Bavarians were invited to attend the field in front of the city gate, and that field was reverently named after the royal queen Theresienwiese. For more than 200 years of history, the festival was canceled only 24 times mainly for disease and war reasons.

The crowd was eagerly waiting for the first beer be sold

Delicious beer flavor


Annual beer consumption at the estimated festival can fill 3 Olympic swimming pools. Crowds of people at this festival are due to the excellent quality of German beer. The most prominent is the beer of Bavaria. All beers are produced under strict procedures to ensure the reputation of the German beer brand. Beer at the festival is somewhat different from ordinary beers: sweeter and less CO2. They are easy to drink, suitable for both men and women. A huge beer cup with a capacity of up to 1 liter. The advice for you is not to eat before drinking because it will lose the delicious taste of beer.

Oktoberfest beer festival not only has beer cups


Popular food at Oktoberfest beer festival is traditional grilled dishes such as grilled chicken, grilled ribs, grilled pork. People gradually create a culinary corner very special in Oktoberfest style with all the typical dishes of the Bayern region such as white sausage, sausage salad, roasted chicken, and Brezel bread.


Besides beer and food, visitors to Oktoberfest can entertain themselves with adventurous games right in the festival camp.

The bustling atmosphere at the festival

The festival is usually held during the period of 16-18 days, from mid-September to the first Sunday of October. The opening ceremony of the festival begins at 9 am, but it is until 12 hours when the first beer barrel is sold. All people have to wait for the mayor of Munich to open the first beer barrel with a 12-shot performance.


People often gather under giant beer tents to drink beer and chat. The capacity of each beer tent can be up to several thousand people. You can freely travel between beer tents without losing any cost.

By: Kelly Jonas

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