Latvia - the nation of introverts

As a European country, Latvia is not as bustling as most European countries because the Latvian tend to be introverted.

Latvia is a country with a long history in Europe. Even so, the country is not as bustling and noisy as most other European countries. The reason is that the Latvian people have a tendency to live inwardly and this character is the key to the creative identity of the people in this nation.


If you first set foot in Latvia, you will be surprised by the silence of the big streets or the habit of not smiling at strangers of the Latvian people. Even some Latvian people will cross the street just to avoid passing through another person. However, being afraid to talk to people doesn't mean that the Latvian people are cold and emotionless. Although they are not people who like to chat, they are still willing to help travelers who have difficulty finding their way.

Latvia is a country with a long history in Europe.

 Many studies have shown that the Latvian's tendency to live inwardly originates from the fact that Latvian people are a heterogeneous nation. Most people in this country are Russians and are ethnic minorities with different levels of language and cultural integration.

Latvian people don't easily talk to each other.

In addition, in Latvia, there is a difference in the generation of communists who grew up as a part of the Soviet Union and a young generation raised in capitalism. Therefore, the Latvian people do not easily catch up with each other like people in other countries. And yet, one of the most important reasons for Latvia's introverted lifestyle is its geographical characteristics, especially its low population density and dense forests. Therefore, the Latvian people are not used to seeing many people around them. Moreover, this country has enough space for people to keep their distance from others.

Urban people in Latvia love nature, so they often relax in the countryside on holidays.

Even urban people in Latvia have a deep love for nature, they often take a break in the countryside. The garden house - an independent, self-sufficient rural complex often made of wood is a romanticized image in Latvian culture.

After a certain amount of time, they will become more friendly.

As for travelers and newcomers to Latvia, you should not be afraid of the initial silence of the Latvian people. Once you learn about the Latvian people and after a certain period of time, they will become your good friends. Moreover, the Latvian people are also very sincere and straightforward, so if a Latvian person says they like you, that's true.

By: Mithrine Smith

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