Korcula island - Croatia's paradise

Korcula, a beautiful ocean paradise, a pride of the country.


Discover Korcula by bike


Even if you are not a cycling enthusiast, the feeling of cycling slowly, leisurely across the countryside is always very interesting. Korcula Island is a perfect place to ride all year round because the weather here is always very beautiful, bright yellow sunshine but the temperature is not high.


There are many bike rental shops, to give you the freedom to visit, but if this is the first time you visit Korcula, you can sign up for a bike tour. Biking along the southeastern coast of Korcula is a great choice with coastal scenery and paths leading through the beautiful Lumbarda vineyard. If you are preparing for a more challenging day on the bike, find the path to Racisce fishing village, which will surprise you because of the peacefulness.


Korcula - Culture and cuisine


Many people believe that Marco Polo, the world famous traveler, writer, and adventurer, was born on Korcula. Located on the street of Ulica Depolo, a visit to the house where Marco Polo makes you better understand this famous character.


Visitors can visit a part of the house and view from Korcula's beautiful Old Town. Of course it will take a small fee, but children under 10 years old are free. The house is open from April to October for guests in Croatian tours.


Korcula Island's prime location gives visitors two wonderful specialties: seafood and wine! The southern Dalmatian region of Croatia is known for its numerous award-winning wines, and Korcula has the perfect environment to produce two of them - Pošip and Grk.


You can order these white wines at most restaurants on the island, so don't hesitate to enjoy one or two glasses when relaxing on the shore of Korcula Island. More notably, you won't find Grk wine anywhere in the world other than the vineyards surrounding Lumbarda.


An absolute thing to do when in Korcula is the traditional dance experience. This type of art is called Moreska. Performing on the outdoor stage near the Old Town, visitors can see the stage of this 16th-century cultural dance on the Mondays and Thursdays in the summer months. The dance depicts a conflict between kings, seven circles of "fighting" dancers with swords in the drums.


Another great cultural experience is learning how to cook local specialties, Zrnovksa Makaruni. This dish includes homemade pasta with sauce, somewhat similar to goulash. Konoba Belin guesthouse family often teaches pasta lessons for travelers willing to participate in culinary challenges. However, if you don't want to cook, go to a restaurant called Žrnovo to enjoy.


In addition, Korcula has so many amazing things waiting for you to discover. All of these are just a tiny part of Korcula. You can also go to the beach of Vela Przina, one of Korcula Island's most famous beaches.



By: Andreas Homblie

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