Haarlem - the ancient city of the Netherlands

Visitors often choose Amsterdam city when coming to the Netherlands, but another city next to Amsterdam also very beautiful is Haarlem city.


Haarlem is an ancient and beautiful city located in the northwest of the Netherlands. Haarlem city is only about 20km from the center of Amsterdam. It can be said that Haarlem is an old city because in this city all the details from roads, houses to natural landscapes seem to be very ancient, and associated with Dutch history for many years.

When is the ideal time for traveling Haarlem?


Haarlem is a city in a temperate climate, so the weather always has unpredictable fluctuations. The rain can be at any time in Haarlem. According to Haarlem travel experience, the best time to come here is in spring or summer. At this time, the atmosphere in Haarlem is always cool and pleasant. Especially, this is the time when the Tulip blooms best.

How to move to Haarlem?


Haarlem is only about 20km from Amsterdam city center so it is very simple if you want to move to this city. From Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, you can catch bus No. 300 to Haarlem. In addition, you can also go by train.

How to move in Haarlem?


Haarlem has an area not too large, so bicycles are an ideal vehicle for you to travel in this city. If you need to travel a little further, you can go by bus because the bus system in this city is also extremely convenient for visitors to use.

Where to go to Haarlem?

St. Bavokerk Cathedral


If you still don't know where to go to Haarlem, St. Bavokerk Cathedral will definitely be a great suggestion for you. This church is considered one of the most prominent buildings of the city, located near the main square. St. Bavokerk is built in a typical Gothic style with a height of about 140m. Although it was built in the 14th century, the church is still preserved intact. Visiting this place will definitely bring you interesting experiences.

Grote Kerk Church


Another famous church in Haarlem that you should not ignore is the Grote Kerk church. This church was built in the 14th century, so it possesses an ancient beauty that is tinted with time. You will definitely feel impressed with the interior of this church.

Frans Hals Museum


Haarlem is one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands, so there is no shortage of museums. One of them that any visitor to Haarlem cannot ignore is Frans Hals Museum. This museum was built in 1913 and today it becomes one of the largest art exhibition centers in the Netherlands. Visiting the Frans Hals Museum, you will have the opportunity to admire many of the famous and rare artworks.

De Adriaan Windmill


Windmills seem to have become a symbol of the Netherlands when it comes to this country. If traveling to Haarlem, do not miss the opportunity to visit De Adriaan Windmill, one of the oldest Dutch windmills. Although it was heavily destroyed by a fire in 1932, it was rebuilt in 2002 and became one of the famous tourist sites in Haarlem.

By: Olivia Swift

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