Gobi - Asia's largest desert

The Gobi desert is known as Asia's largest desert, and also the heart of Mongolia attracting a lot of visitors every year.

Gobi - Asia's largest desert


Located in the territory of China and Mongolia, Gobi is part of northern and northwestern China and part of southern Mongolia. The famous Gobi is one of the five largest deserts in the world and is the largest desert in Asia with lots of fascinating landscapes and many interesting experiences.


In summer, the temperature in the Gobi desert is very harsh above 40 degrees Celsius, and in the winter, the temperature is usually below 40 degrees C. Although the weather is very hot or cold, here still attracts a lot of tourists who love to explore and experience. The reason is that the Gobi possesses many sand dunes, gravel plains, and majestic rocky mountains, creating beautiful natural scenery. Traveling to Mongolia and to this paradise, you will be lost in a mysterious maze.


If you come here in the winter, you can catch frost and snow. The Gobi is considered a cold desert because of the northern region of the desert and elevation of 1520 meters above sea level. For many visitors, this place is indeed a very interesting tourist destination with many new and interesting things. In the Gobi desert, even dinosaur eggs were found for the first time.


Discovering the Gobi desert, you will have the opportunity to experience camel riding Bactria - a type of camel that can only be found here. Riding a camel on the white sand dunes and admiring the surrounding natural scenery is nothing more wonderful, right?

The stunning scenery in the Gobi desert


Not only the vast sand dunes, but the Gobi also possesses beautiful oases with a crescent-shaped lake formed from extremely unique groundwater. When arriving here at the first time, most tourists are surprised by the natural scenery like the landscape picture. The oases seen from above look like the moon falling in the middle of a desert. Visitors can admire the ancient works and many traces of traders from India, China coming here to trade in the past. This oasis was once considered a transit point for a famous Silk Road, a famous and busy East-West trade route.


If you love peaceful nature and animals, the Gobi desert will be the perfect stopover. Traveling to Inner Mongolia and going to the Gobi desert, you will have the opportunity to explore the wild nature around you like black-tailed Gazell, camel and even if you're lucky, you can also catch snow leopard, brown bear, and wolf.


The Gobi desert is also home to many vestiges with beautiful caves and fossils of many animals from prehistoric times, dinosaur eggs and many prehistoric stone tools dating back to hundreds of thousands of years old. In addition, sand visitors can find groundwater and rivers running along the Gobi desert.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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