Explore Bavaria with Oktoberfest and many more

Germany is one of the most scenic countries in Europe. Bavaria stands out for its beautiful scenery as well as its long-established values.

Germany is one of the most scenic countries in Europe. Bavaria stands out for its beautiful scenery as well as its long-established values. The festivals have created a special color for this rich land, especially the Oktoberfest beer festival.

Located at the gateway of the Bavarian region, Munich is a popular tourist city that anyone would like to visit, with its rich culture, history and landscapes, Munich is always willing to welcome guests and promises to bring you interesting moments of relaxation. Here are some activities for you in this special day.

1. Attending Oktoberfest beer festival

Every October, Baravia residents celebrate the Oktoberfest beer festival. This is the largest traditional festival of the year, attracting up to 6 million visitors from all over the world to Munich for beer, sausages and singing.

Also in this beer festival, guests can enjoy the beer, enjoy regional specialties and admire the colorful traditional costumes of Bavaria. Super big cups of beer, beautiful Bavarian girls and music will make you remember forever. You will temporarily forget the country full of modernness to immerse into the traditional space in the folk songs and dances of the people.

2. Visit the castle Neuschwanstein


Neuschanstein is one of the world's most famous castles nestled in the Bavarian Alps. It is the embodiment of the castle appears in fairy tales, the harmonious beauty of architecture and nature make it famous and become one of the most beautiful castles that no one wants to miss.

The castle was designed and built by King Ludwig II to make his dream come true. The castle's highlight is a fancy cave, throne rooms with huge crown chandeliers.

3. Climbing the Zugspitze Mountain - Roof of Germany


Zugspitze is a majestic natural landscape in Bavaria and considered the "roof of Germany". This spectacular mountain's peak is 2,962 meters high, which is also the highest point in the country. Mount Zugspitze is covered with snow and is high as if it could touch white clouds. Following the mountain slope, climbing up to the peak, visitors can feel like reaching the heaven, watching the beautiful scenes of Germany.

4. Seeing the Church of Wies


The church of Wies in the small village of Steingaden is considered the most beautiful Rococo Church in the world with sparkling gold-plated details. In the shape of an oval nestled in the low hills at the foot of the majestic Alps, in the beautiful state of Bavaria, in a beautifully landscaped setting, Wies also captivates visitors with its magnificent interior as well as fanciful stories around here.

By: Madison Brown

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