Experiencing the winter in unbelievably cold cities

Here are the coldest cities on earth, ranked from the warmest to the coldest, based on the January average temperature.

1. Astana, Kazakhstan


Astana is a modern city with futuristic architecture, sparkling mosques, and countless shopping and entertainment centers. Although there are warm summer months, the winter in Astana is very long, dry and exceptionally cold. The extremely low temperature here is -51.5 degrees Celsius. The average monthly temperature in January is -14.2 degrees C. The city's river is still frozen from mid-November to early April.

2. International Falls, Minnesota, USA


The city of Minnesotan is considered "America's Ice Box", having a record low temperature of -48 degrees Celsius and a seasonal average snowfall of 181 centimeters. International Falls has the lowest temperature. The international waterfall is known as the Canadian border gate and is the nearby National Park Voyageurs gateway. You can go kayaking and hiking in the summer, cross-country skiing and ice fishing in the winter at the park.

3. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Located at an altitude of 1,350 m above sea level, at the edge of the Mongolian steppe, Ulaanbaatar is the world's coldest capital. The city experiences extreme seasons with summer temperatures of up to 39 degrees C. However, temperatures drop to -42 degrees Celsius in long winter months. The average annual temperature fluctuates just below the freezing level. In addition to being an international gateway and a spectacular wilderness area of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar has rich cultural attractions, from Tibetan-style Buddhist temples to modern art galleries.

4. Barrow, USA


Located above the Arctic Circle in Alaska, Barrow is America's northernmost city. Barrow has the lowest average temperature, regular cloud cover and winds up to 96km/hour. The sun is still below the horizon for 65 days each year, while on average, only 120 days a year Barrow has high temperatures above freezing. Despite the record low temperature of -49 degrees Celsius, there are many reasons for you to visit Barrow. It has a rich culture, surrounding tundra and beautiful aurora.

5. Yellowknife, Canada


Yellowknife is home to the coldest winter, the most extreme wind and the longest snow cover season. The lowest temperature ever recorded is -51 degrees Celsius, and ironically, it is also the sunniest place in Canada. Yellowknife is the mecca of adventurers, participating in activities such as walking in the midnight sun to skating, skiing and admiring the northern light.

6. Norilsk, Russia


Norilsk is the northern city of the world with more than 100,000 inhabitants and is one of the three major cities in constant permafrost. At a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius, this is the region with the coldest annual average temperature in Russia, while the lowest peak is -53 degrees Celsius in the winter. Norilsk can hardly become a major tourist destination, despite having museums, art galleries and one of the world's northernmost mosques. However, the mining industry has turned it into one of the most polluted places on Earth and banned foreigners from coming in 2001.

7. Yakutsk, Russia


Yakutsk is located about 450 km south of the Arctic Circle. With an average temperature of -40 degrees Celsius in January, Yakutsk is said to be the coldest city in the world. Attractions like the Permafrost Kingdom ice museum, Christian Market and the Sakha Republic National Art Museum make this city a worthwhile destination for those who are not afraid of the cold. The average temperature in July is 19.5 degrees Celsius.  

By: Jonath Martin

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