Enjoy a perfect day in Barcelona

In Spain, in addition to Madrid, Barcelona is home to some of Europe's finest architectural landmarks.

Have you heard that Barcelona is the largest city and the capital of Catalonia? Coming to this city, you will be surprised and mesmerized with the stunning beauty of the place, which is known as one of the most livable cities in the world. It is also the sixth most populous urban area in the European Union, after Paris, London, Madrid, the Ruhr area and Milan.

From unique Renaissance Gaudi architecture of famous boulevards to peaceful empty alleys, Barcelona will be the perfect destination for art enthusiasts. Today, let's explore the beauty of this ancient city.




Try a morning walk around the Gothic old town, right next to the famous Sant Felipe Neri Church in Barcelona. This place includes of narrow streets with many fashion shops, eateries, Mediterranean coffee shop gathering together. You can even see some broken walls, which are the remains of a bloody civil war less than a century ago.

Besides, do not forget to visit the Bishops Bridge at Carrer del Bisbe, which was designed in neo-Gothic architecture by the talented architect Joan Rubió I Bellver and built in 1929.




You will have to regret a lot if you miss the Roman Catholic church Sagrada Familia. This is the greatest architectural work of the amazing Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. He spent 42 years just to design this church, and it is still in the process of building. At this time, Sagrada Familia is a famous symbol of Spain thanks to the unique architecture combining traditional Gothic and modern Art Nouveau.

Stepping inside the church, you will be overwhelmed and amazed by the breath-taking beauty as well as the strange and meticulous architecture of the Sagrada Familia.



People often say that visiting a country, do not forget to enjoy their food, it is also a culture. You will not be in Barcelona for real if you do not visit La Bourique - one of the most interesting markets in the city. Here, you can buy extremely fresh food such as vegetables, fruits, seafood and local specialties...

Barcelona people are extremely friendly and have a great passion for food. You can listen to them, talk with them, share your thoughts about food and especially, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some unforgettable dishes.


Speaking to Spain, we can think of a bustling, cheerful country. And Barcelona's crowded pedestrian street La Rambla is such a spot. Come here, you can go for a walk, eat freely and buy some souvenirs for your loved ones along the sidewalk.

However, La Rambla is a busy street which is full of people all days long. Therefore, you should be alerted and keep your belongings carefully.



After a long day of sightseeing and exploring, in the evening, head to the beach to chill a little and enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean Sea. Evening at a Barcelona beach is very exciting with many lively night bars.

Walking along the coast will help your body and spirit to relax a lot. If possible, stop and enjoy some local food at a small coastal restaurant. It will be extremely romantic.






By: Olivia Mendoza

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