Digital detox with 8 exciting destinations in Europe

If you intend to make an escape from the technology jail, these 8 interesting places in Europe will definitely be the perfect choice for you.



Monte Isola is a green mountain immersed in the center of Lake Iseo. At any time of the year, this mountain is unique in its own way with an extremely impressive setting. Traveling to Europe, you must visit Monte Isola to understand why this place is called the pearl of Italy. At Monte Isola, 4-wheelers are banned and only residents here are allowed to drive 2-wheelers.



Jũrmala is an ecological resort near the coast. With a temperate climate influenced by the ocean and abundant natural resources such as pine forest, mineral water, mud, white sand dunes and sea, Julrmala will be an interesting choice in the process of digital detox.



In Europe, Landlust is also a quite popular place if you want to be completely immersed in nature and escape virtual relationships on social networks. This place is especially attracted thanks to the pure beauty comes from old houses, colorful agricultural gardens, and stunning flower fields with sweet fragrance. All will wash away your thoughts and force you to enjoy the typical European atmosphere.



Faial promises to be a perfect place if you decide to spend a week to digital detox with your family. The impromptu changing scene makes the island look magnificent, not to mention the friendliness of the locals. Coming here, don't forget to visit the wild botanical gardens of Faial and Caldera, the beautiful and special bays, as well as the majestic volcanic eruption on the island.



Durbuy can be considered the best destination in Wallonia. The city is the smallest in the world, but it has everything, from the famous restaurants, the fun parks with a variety of exciting activities, to the countless delicious local specialties. Durbuy's beauty is made over thousands of years of history. The old towns here will invite you to walk through the gravel road and attract you to explore this marvelous city.



Skagafjordur is a land for those who love adventure. It offers a variety of fun activities and beautiful surroundings. You want to paddle down a white glacier, ski to the top of Mount Trollaskagi, or ride a horse in the wilderness?... All will make you feel overwhelmed. In particular, don't forget to enjoy the magic of Northern Europe aurora in the winter.



Take a deep breath, forget about the pressure of work and worry in your daily life, put your phone in the closet, climb on any bike and you'll be dazzled by the majestic scenery of this place. The lyrical nature of this valley partly makes Soča a paradise of water sports. In addition, it also houses a botanical garden at Mount Juliana - a favorite place for botanists. If you're purely a nature lover, you can also visit Tolminka's narrow valley and Kozjak waterfall.



The Basque countryside in Spain is a new destination that no one is able to ignore. If you are a true foodie, switch your phone to airplane mode and fly straight to Goierri - a paradise for food lovers. Visiting the agricultural village to meet traditional sheep cheese producers, you will have the opportunity to taste the unique flavor of the special products in this land while admiring the beautiful scenery around.


By: Dinah Gutierrez

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