Conquering Morocco with fascinating beaches

If you are regretful because the summer is about to pass but you still don't have a full vacation, don't hesitate to visit fascinating beaches in Morocco.

Saidia Beach


Saidia is considered one of the most desirable beaches to admire the sunrise and sunset. Saidia Beach also attracts many visitors, especially on summer days. Spending time with friends or family here is something even more wonderful.

Legzira Plage Beach


What Legzira Plage Beach attracts every visitor is because the wild beauty has not suffered much from the human hand. In addition, Legzira Plage also conquers people thanks to the unique from the high stone arches, along with a long sandy beach. Taking the time to walk here is also an interesting idea.

Tangier Beach


In the Northern Kingdom of Morocco, not only possessing a clean, green beach, but Tangier city has a modern rhythm of life, a busy port system, a densely populated area, and many attractive facilities. Surely, it will make you not want to leave your feet from here.

Ain Diab Beach


From the first time you set foot in Ain Diab, you will surely love the peaceful and beautiful day with a little romance here. This is a place for visitors to escape the bustling buckets of life and find some peace in their souls.

Sidi Kaouki Beach


It is not so much to say that Sidi Kaouki is the paradise of paradise that everyone desires to set foot once. The seawater is clear, the sky is high and the sand is long and far away. In addition, an interesting thing rarely seen on the beaches is that it offers camels and horses for visitors to have an interesting and unique walk. Or simply you just need a little rest, sunbathe, and enjoy some delicious Western-style dishes.

Asilah Beach


The most vibrant Asilah Beach is probably on summer days. This place will make visitors feel comfortable with the enthusiasm and hospitality of the local people. Fresh space with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, and pleasant weather gives you a complete vacation.

Taghazout Beach


For those who love surfing on the beach, it is impossible to miss Taghazout Beach, with good waves to help you try this fascinating game. After spending time for sports activities at sea, you also have the opportunity to enjoy attractive dishes from local cuisine and admire the beautiful natural landscape as a picture.

Essaouira Beach


Coming to Morocco without visiting Essaouira Beach is really regrettable because there are so many things to please tourists. Fresh air gives you an ideal place to relax on hot days. Also, there are many interesting and romantic activities such as windsurfing, driving four-wheel vehicles, riding camels on the beach and viewing the sunset.

By: Kelly Jonas

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