Bubble Hotel Bali that attracts the young to check-in

Now, you can stay in giant bubbles when you come to Bali to enjoy a break, and eat under the beautiful natural scenery of this land.


Bali Island (Indonesia) has long been famous as a tourist destination for those who love the clear blue beaches and unspoiled nature. If you want to make the most of your time here to enjoy the fresh nature, Bubble Hotel Bali will be an ideal choice for you.


Although not as flashy and luxurious as resorts, Bubble Hotel Bali has completely conquered visitors right from the first sight by the image of the fully equipped bubble rooms located close to the sea, between cliffs, trees, and sand dunes.


It is located in Ubud town, a 2-hour drive from the center. When booking here, you will be sleeping inside the transparent bubbles in a very private space, near the beach, separated from the bustling life outside.


These giant bubbles are not only for visitors to be around the natural time but also fully equipped with curtains and air-conditioners so that they can feel comfortable in the hottest summer days. A large bubble can accommodate up to 3 people.


Because it is separate from the bustling city, finding a place to eat near can be a bit difficult. Therefore, tourists come here often prepare food purchased from nearby convenience stores. On a late morning, you can order hotel food and be served on the bed. A full meal for 3 people here will cost about 50 dollars. In addition, the outdoor dining table is arranged so that visitors can fully enjoy the wonderful natural setting, as relaxed and open life.


If you really want to have a private time for yourself, you can set up a separate area for yourself, including a bubble bedroom, an outdoor bathroom, a net, and a swimming pool. Here, you can comfortably enjoy nature and a quiet atmosphere because the area is secluded, 500 meters from the reception.


The hotel also has less expensive rooms, only with cushions, no beds, and no swimming pools. At night, space here will become very poetic. You will sleep under the starry sky and hear the waves nearby. Occasionally, this area has fireflies flying around.


In addition to Ubub, Bali in particular and many beach destinations in the world in general are also developing this unique hotel model. However, when staying in bubble hotels, you should be prepared with sunscreen and insect repellent to prevent periods of intense sun and insects, as these are unavoidable in the middle of wild nature. Moreover, it will be great when you experience romantic things with your lover in this poetic place.


By: Mithrine Smith

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