9 interesting streets and roads in Sydney to explore

Coming to Australia's largest city, it is no shortage of exciting suburbs and streets in Sydney for you to explore.

Oxford Street, Paddington


Oxford Street is one of Australia's premier shopping streets. Running from the city to Bondi Junction, you can easily spend a day walking and stopping at retail stores. There are many restaurants, with many wine shops at the end of the road, suitable for those who are looking for a favorite wine.

Stone Road, Bondi Beach


It may be a small street, but it is one of the best in the city located a few blocks from the world-famous Bondi beach. On this one-way street, you'll find trendy shops such as Saturday NYC and Tuchuzy surfing shops. In addition to luxury fashion, you will also find many food stores, such as the Earth Food Store - the conscious Bondi experience.

 Bondi Road, Bondi


Just a short distance from Gould Street, Bondi Road is on top of a hill and there are more attractions than Bondi Beach. The street boasts some of the best restaurants, including The Stuffed Beaver restaurant, SEFA Kitchen and Panama House.

 King Street, Newtown


This street is the focal point of Newtown's suburb, with traditional terrace buildings currently occupied by some of the city's best restaurants, bars, and shops. During the day, you can find a lot of shops to consider and lots of bars at night. Be sure to drop by Bloodwood for dinner and enjoy their wonderful drinks.

 Glebe Point Road, Glebe


Are you a fan of coffee and love reading? You will feel right at home on Glebe Point Road in the west of the city. Some of Sydney's best books are located here, including Cornstalk Bookstore with 4000 crime books. To enjoy your coffee, go to the cute Cafe Cafe located in a traditional terrace house.

Darling Street, Balmain


Darling Street serves as a spine running through the beautiful neighborhood of Balmain. This is the perfect place to spend a day sightseeing and shopping when the weather permits. One of the most popular meals here is a Turkish lunch for two at Efendy.

Crown Street, Surry Hills


Surry Hills is the best dining area in the city and the Crown Street plays a major role. Along this road, you will find cozy pubs like Mille Vini, or bustling pubs like the Clock Hotel.

The Corso, Manly


Most of the Corso has no cars and is a pedestrian center connecting the harbor and the beach in Manly. Along here, you'll find all the convenience you need in Manly, including surf shops, as well as some cozy restaurants like Chica Bonita.

George Street, Sydney


George Street is one of Sydney's most important streets starting from Central Station and extending to Sydney Harbor, home to the Sydney Opera House and the Wharf. Soon, part of George Street will become a walking street for visitors to explore Sydney.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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