8 strange natural phenomena that are only in Australia

Australia is not only beautiful because of the wild landscape, but it also has many interesting natural phenomena.

1. Red cloud


One day in 2009, the people of Sydney, Australia woke up and found the whole city covered by the red color of a giant dust cloud. The reason is that strong winds pushed the dust cloud from deep within the continent to the Sydney area. Sun reflections make this dust cloud a very interesting red color. The area covered by this red cloud is up to 840,860km2 and 2.5km high.

2. Glowing algae


The phenomenon occurs in the basin of the Derwent River in Tasmania when it is occupied by Noctiluca Scintillans, a species of Dinoflagellates. Normally, we do not easily see them but when stimulated by external agents, they will emit a very fuzzy dim light.

3. Australian aurora


In winter from May to August and in spring in September, Australia's sky is bright with wonderfully flashing stars of green, blue, purple and red. To witness this unique scene, go to Tasmania - an island in the south of Australia because here you have places to see super beautiful and fantasy aurora such as Bruny islet, and Tasmania highland center.

4. Horizontal Waterfalls


Horizontal waterfalls are actually two ravines located near each other in the McLarty Range area, Kimberley. When the tide rises rapidly, the sea level will rise at the inlet and about 5m lower at the output, so from the top, the ravine looks like waterfalls.

5. Morning glory cloud


Morning glory cloud often appears in the spring in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland. This cloud has a long tube shape and is the product of a relatively high-temperature difference between the mainland and the ocean. The length of cloud roll can be up to 1,000km with a height of 1-2km. In addition, this strange phenomenon is accompanied by sudden and strong winds.

6. Min Min light


Min Min light is described as a fuzzy flying disc light bulb appearing on the horizon in Australia's outback. There have been endless debates about whether this is a real phenomenon or simply an illusion. Some people say that the lights move towards them before disappearing, others say these light chase their car.

7. Sydney Southerly Buster


Sydney Southerly Buster is the name of the Sydney people giving strangely shaped clouds like tsunamis, often appearing in the Great Dividing Range and the southern coast when there are strong winds (> 60km/h), in October until February next year.

8. Capuchino beach


This interesting phenomenon rarely occurs because they need quite special weather conditions. Strong waves will sweep together the sea's contaminants like sponges, sea creatures to mingle them together and form a layer with lots of bubbles on the coast.

By: Grace White

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