8 special things in Switzerland that will capture your heart

Let's explore the secrets that not many people know about this beautiful country.


A multilingual country

Switzerland is the only place in the world where four main languages are the languages of four countries unevenly distributed in different regions, and there are also countless other dialects. So when you travel to Switzerland, you will feel like traveling in different countries.

Try to plan your trip by exploring at least one location in each language area. If you only have one week, try to spend a few days in Bern (German). Then go south, to Lugano (Italy). And finally, go west, to Lausanne (French).


Swizz cheese – The king of cheese

The two things that make Swiss cheese unforgettable is the "unpasteurized milk" and hand-made process with the fire from wood. The most common type of cheese you will find here is Gruyère, which is named after the town where it was born. Tasting, you will feel the cheese melting on the tip of your tongue.

To make your trip more exciting, you can visit La Maison du Gruyère to learn about the production of the world's best dairy cheese. Also, coming to Switzerland in winter, do not forget to enjoy the signature sauce made from melted Raclette cheese mixed with garlic and white wine.


Chapel Bridge – The symbol of Lucerne

The Kapellbrücke (literally, Chapel Bridge) is Europe's oldest covered bridge with a total length of 204 meters. Chapel Bridge impresses visitors with a huge collection of antique paintings scattered throughout the bridge. Many of these paintings were created back to the 17th century, describing Lucerne scene in the past.

Do not be afraid if you do not really know Swiss history, there is detailed information under each picture.


Interlaken – A place for the adventurous

If the locals can recommend a destination that you cannot miss in Switzerland, it would be Interlaken. This town nestles between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz by the Aare River and is surrounded by majestic mountains. Interlaken is the place to try out the best outdoor sports and discover nature while traveling in Switzerland.

Backpacking is the best way to experience Interlaken. If you have a tendency to enjoy adventure games, you can choose skydiving, crossing the waterfall, paragliding, rafting on the water or any game that can help you release your inner adventurer.


The common house of the world

Geneva is home to many international organizations, notably the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum and the United Nations Office. This office (The Palais des Nations  in French) offers tours of 15 different languages, introducing human rights, coalitions of civilizations and some gifts donated from all over the world.



Studies have shown that chocolate can cause the brain to release dopamine - a chemical needed for human survival. It makes us feel good to do the basic activities in life such as eating, drinking, playing… Perhaps partly thanks to the famous chocolate, Switzerland was named the happiest country in the world.


Zermatt – The heaven of skiing enthusiasts

Zermatt, a town in southern Switzerland, has become a popular destination for skiers and mountaineers in the last century. It is home to the Matterhorn of the Alps, which even reaches the clouds. Every winter, Zermatt welcomes millions of top-notch skiers from all over the world to come and challenge themselves with the harsh terrain here.


Lake Geneva

Switzerland has numerous large and small lakes with beautiful scenery, reflecting huge mountains and green meadows. A typical one here is Lake Geneva, one of the biggest prides of Switzerland. Visiting this lake, you can admire impressive mountains, picturesque villages and towns with a mix of modern activities and the remains of the past.



By: James Paquin

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