8 haunted destinations for the brave worldwide

Have you ever thought about going to discover a cursed castle or house yourself? The list below may be a great choice for you.


1. Poveglia Island, Italy

At first glance, this small island near Venice is nothing special. However, when you step on the island, you can understand somewhat its horrible history. The island, which was used as a quarantine area for those with plague and refugees, was forced to close in 1968. Later, Poveglia island was thought to be haunted, becoming an uninhabited desert island.


2. The Stanley Hotel, USA

The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration in the famous horror movie "The Shinning", adapted from a novel of Stephen King. Opened in 1909, the hotel is dubbed the most haunted place in the United States. Every year, thousands of tourists around the world come here to search and decipher the mysteries of this spot.


3. Salem, USA

The famous Salem Witch Trials is the place where the countless witches were tried and burned alive in 1680 in Salem. Up to now, this place has become a terrifying tourist destination coursed by the angry souls that were burnt to death, and maybe also by the real witches.


4. Penang War Museum, Malaysia

Located on the Ghost Hill, the Penang War Museum is so ranked as one of the most haunting places in Asia. During the Second World War, this place was a prison occupied by Japan. Thousands of local people were brutally tortured and killed here.


5. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

With a mysterious Gothic design, it is easy to understand why the hotel has become one of the most famous haunted places in the world. The story happened in the past when a bride in a wedding dress fell and died at the hotel. Since then, guests staying here have seen her everywhere, every night.


6. Tower of London, England

First built in 1070, this famous haunted tourist destination has accumulated many weird stories throughout its long history. This place used to be a museum, arsenal, zoo, palace, even a prison. At least four ghosts are haunting the tower, the most famous one is queen Anne Boleyn who was decapitated here.


7. Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

Hoia Baciu is a very famous haunted forest in the world, located near the city of Cluj Napoca in Romania. Many mysterious phenomena that are difficult to explain, from evil curses to kidnapping aliens, have taken place here. Hoia Baciu currently attracts many curious visitors and even daring moviemakers.


8. Corvin Castle, Transylvania, Romania

Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyadi Castle or Hunedoara Castle, is now an endless inspiration for cinematic works like "Hotel Transylvania". In real life, the castle is said to be cursed by Turkish prisoners and slaves who participated in building this work.










By: Julia Monet

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