7 travel experiences that can change your life

If you want to "upgrade" your journey to find the real inspiration, take a glance at these following 7 travel experiences.


1. Oktoberfest, Germany

Oktoberfest is one of the largest beer festivals in the world, held every year from late September to the first week of October, lasting from 16 to 18 days in Munich. Each year, about 1 million people from all over the world rush to attend the festival. Coming to Oktoberfest, visitors could experience the exciting atmosphere of entertainment activities, outdoor music performances and enjoy the taste of typical German beer and the famous sausage Würstchen of this country.


2. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Being one of Iceland's leading tourist attractions, Blue Lagoon is a hot spring that can change your life. The romantic blue water of a stream on volcanic soil will give you unforgettable experience. Just relax with the perfect spa service of Mother Nature. The ideal time to visit Blue Lagoon is between August and April each year.


3. Route 66, USA

One of the first transcontinental highways in the United States, Route 66, or the Will Rogers Highway, was built in the 1920s. This historic route stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles and ends at Santa Monica. Along the way, you will encounter many stunning limestone mountains along with white sand under blue sky. All have created the distinctive beauty of this Midwestern land.


4. Machu Picchu, Peru

Built in the 1400s, Machu Picchu is known as the "lost city of the Incas", so there's no doubt this is a great place to visit. It is said that this is the resort town of the pre-Columbian Inca nobility and was occupied 100 years before the conquest of Spanish military. Hiking from the foot of the Urubamba Valley to the top of Machu Picchu is the most popular tourist activity in this land.


5. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, USA

Every fall, New Mexico is bustling again with the arrival of thousands of visitors to this hot air balloon festival. The festival takes place in seven days with cheerful activities of ballooning or camping. You will be mesmerized by the image of countless giant balloons floating in the sky, creating a lively and colorful spectacle like never before. In addition, you can even explore the immense beauty of the sky in a hot air balloon.


6. The Yacht Week

The Yacht week is known as an entertainment activity for young people from the upper classes. It sounds lavish and flashy, but the experience The Yacht Week gives you is memorable. These weeks usually last for 7 days, including yachts and personal captains with a scheduled trip through about 5 exciting destinations.


7. Bungalow

If you are looking for a new experience for your trip, consider bungalow - a one-storey house on the sea. Originally created by Indians in the 17th century, bungalows are often designed to be small and yet comfortable and convenient. They are suitable for those who want to have quiet moments and "detox" their spirit. Today, one-story houses have been used extensively in popular tourist destinations around the world such as Belize or Bora Bora.

By: Archie Henderson

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