7 stunning places to discover this Spring

If you're still wondering where to go to fully enjoy this Spring vacation, you probably shouldn't miss the following destinations.



The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is an important political-economic center and this country's precious jewel. Although it is not the most fantastic travel time of the year, but with such mild climate, Stockholm in the Spring is very desirable send your short holidays.

Here, you can join indigenous people to attend outdoor concerts and events in the first season of the year. In Spring, Stockholm like to put on a new shirt with light pink color of cherry blossoms. Sometimes, you will forget that you are walking on a bustling city because of cherry blossoms blooming all over the streets.



Located on the northwestern coast of Africa, Morocco is the third most populous Arab country of the region. Famous for surfing on the beaches near the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is the ideal travel destination for those who want a holiday experience in the Spring.

Morocco is most beautiful between March and May, when everything is fresh and lively. So, besides the beautiful beaches, this season is also suitable for mountain hiking.



Although it is famous as a modern, vibrant city, coming to London in the spring, you will be surprised by the peaceful and colorful atmosphere. So, cycling here is more suitable and poetic than ever in this season.

Closing the dry winter months, London becomes fresher than ever. Many people mistakenly believe they are lost in some fairytale place with plenty of stunning flowers here. Besides watching flowers, you can choose for yourself a beautiful location to cheer for Oxford and Cambridge rowing festivals along the Thames.



Favored by the nature with beautiful climate, Miami is suitable for travelers to visit any season of the year. However, if you want to explore Miami's variety, you should visit this tourist destination in the Spring.

Referring to Miami, people will immediately think of Neon lights and colorful umbrellas on the beaches. Not only clear blue water and white sand, Miami can also welcomes you with a lot of very interesting water entertainment games such as surfing, diving...



In Japan, Spring is a time to move on to a new life. This time is also known as the cherry blossom season. Along both rural and urban streets, everywhere is filled by a beautiful cherry blossom color.

Coming to Tokyo, don't forget to visit Ueno Park and join the indigenous people to participate in their spectacular flower viewing festival. In spring, Tokyo city is more crowded than ever with countless festivals. If you have the opportunity to visit this tourist destination in the Spring, you should probably try the fresh taste of mountain vegetables too.



Surely, you are not too strange with Bali, Indonesia. In addition to August and September, Bali in the Spring is enough to make visitors do not want to leave with favorable climate and many beautiful landscapes.

Watching the sunset on Uluwatu Temple is an experience you must try when you come here. Especially, if you want to discover a completely different Bali, visit the legendary Kelingking beach. And finally, your Spring holiday will be really incomplete if you miss the amazing Beach Party on Seminyak beach.



Located along the sparkling blue Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv is a bustling and liberal seaside city. Tel Aviv owns more than 4,000 white buildings including shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, amusement parks, and shopping centers. It can be said that this tourist destination is a great recreational paradise for tourists.

In the Spring, you will be delighted to sunbathe, immerse yourself in the blue water, walk on white sand. From afternoon to night, you can admire the sunrise on the Mediterranean or enjoy yourself in the bustling nightlife in this city.




By: Mithrine Smith

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