7 reasons why Guatemala deserves to be visited many times

With smoky volcanoes, emerald lakes, ancient Mayan ruins, and unique indigenous culture, Guatemala is the country you must visit at least once.

1. Lake Atitlan


This place is called "Eden Garden" in real life. The lake has a large, deep and mysterious area, located in the Sierra Madre mountains and surrounded by valleys covered with ferns and towering volcanoes along with seven traditional Mayan towns around. Therefore, tourists coming here can spend weeks to explore new things in this area.

 2. Antigua


Antiqua is surrounded by three impressive volcanoes, containing the charm of stunning baroque architecture, attractive restaurants, and bustling bars. It can be affirmed that Antigua is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Latin America.  

3. Active volcanoes


Guatemala is famous for its volcanoes, many of which are still active. Taking photos and conquering an active volcano is the passion of travelers who like to travel. One of the most popular places in your trip is the Pacaya volcano of Antigua. It last erupted in 2015 and the dense smoke still rises from the top of the mountain. You can climb there one afternoon and when you get to the top, you can bake marshmallows on the rocks that still have the lava heat.

4. Great architecture and many museums


If you are interested in architecture, Guatemala's spectacular colonial buildings will leave a big impression on you. Antigua is the jewel of architecture, visitors can walk along its cobbled streets like stepping back to the era of the Spanish Empire.


With a long history of combining the Mayan tradition with Spanish culture, Guatemala is one of the most attractive cultural countries in the world. Walking around cities or Mayan villages may bring you interesting historical lessons about the city because Guatemala has many large museums for you to explore.

5. Tikal - the most prosperous city of the Maya Period


Deep in the tropical rainforest of Peten region of Guatemala, Tikal is the Maya's most prosperous city with many large trails and towering pyramids. Visitors to Tikal can climb to the top of the temples and enjoy the extremely special scenery of the national park with pyramids.

6. Unique cuisine


Although the food here is not glorified and popular in the world, anyone who has gone through Central America knows that we cannot disparage anything in the cuisine here. With Mayan culture combined with unique Spanish tradition, the cuisine here is perfect and more complex than some neighboring countries. Whether it's street food with fresh ingredients from the market or even vegetarian restaurants, Guatemala's cuisine will please even the hardest gourmets.


Coffee lovers also like to go to Guatemala. The volcanic highlands of Guatemala are the ideal climate for growing coffee and the coffee beans produced here are among the best in Latin America.

7. Wonderful people


Guatemalan people are considered the warmest and most friendly in the world. Whether you can speak Spanish or not, locals will still make you feel comfortable and welcome you back again like an old friend. Nearly everyone here smiles and nods whenever you come across and is ready to answer your questions if you can communicate and need help.

By: Roxana Edwards

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