7 most special hot springs in the world

Not only is it a relaxing and healing place, but the following hot springs also possess an enchanting landscape, attracting tourists regardless of summer or winter.


1. Pamukkale, Turkey: Pamukkale in Turkish means "cotton castle". This is a stream of hot water flowing through 17 high steps like terraced fields, forming amazing natural scenery. From a distance, Pamukkale is like a snow-white glacier, dotted with green water areas, reflecting the sky.


Since ancient times, this place has been used by ancient Romans as a resort and place for health recovery. Regardless of cold winter days or hot summer days, Pamukkale always has a lot of tourists visiting and relaxing.


2. Khir Ganga, Himachal Pradesh, India: It takes about 3 hours to walk to the legendary Khir Ganga hot spring, believed to be the place where Shiva meditated for 3,000 years. Especially, when you take a dip in the hot mineral water here, you can also enjoy the magnificent landscape of the surrounding Himalayan range.


3. Grand Prismatic Spring, USA: Located in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Prismatic Spring is an exotic hot lake. Microbial mats around the lake are divided into vivid colors such as orange, red, yellow, green or blue. The lake is so colorful that it is caused by bacteria growing on the microbial carpet around the lake. They produce different colors due to the ratio of chlorophyll and water temperature. Grand Prismatic Spring has a high temperature so it is impossible to bathe, but there are always many tourists coming here to take photos and check-in.


4. Huanglong Valley, China: As a UNESCO world heritage site, Hoang Long valley in Sichuan province, China, has long been famous for its fairy beauty. Hot springs here are formed by limestone thousands of years ago.


5. Terme di Saturnia, Italy: Saturnia town in Italy is famous for its hot springs and natural baths with magic green color. The flow into travertine rocks has created small lakes for centuries.


This is a popular but totally free tourist destination in Italy. Located right near Terme di Saturnia, there are class resort hotels, with many diverse facilities to please anyone who comes here.


6. Champagne Lake, Waiotapu, New Zealand: Champagne hot lake is one of the most famous attractions in Waiotapu, a geothermal area in Northern New Zealand. Although you can't soak in the 74-degree C water here, you can still admire the vivid beauty of the hot lake. Due to the characteristics of mineral and silicate, the lake water has two colors of jade and orange.


7. Blue Lagoon, Iceland: Blue Lagoon has long been a famous tourist destination in the world in Iceland. It possesses black lava rocks rising from the blue water and floating clouds formed from hot steam. It is said that soaking in the mineral water here not only heals many diseases but also makes your skin beautiful and smooth.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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