6 travel blogs that inspire women worldwide

These travel blogs are the living electronic magazines for you to get inspired and plan your next trip.



The Travel Project is a travel blog operated by Charlie Wild and Jess Last - a couple who decided to retire from office in 2016 and began their dream of a one-way ticket to Delhi. They set out to explore the world in their own way without following any travel guidebooks. That spirit, alongside inspirational travels, has helped the couple's Instagram account, which now has more than 21,800,000 followers, to win more advertising contracts as well as a series of tours sponsored by huge brands.

Visiting inspirational couple's travel blog (thetravelproject.com) or Instagram (@the.travel.project), you can find their useful share of banana growing in La Palma, or boxing in Johannesburg's harsh streets, or even advices when you meet tattooed women in Myanmar, and more exciting experiences waiting for you to discover.



A former ELLE editor and one of the Top 10 Influencers London Evening Standard 2017, Bonnie decided to retire to become a full time world traveler. Her blog (thestyletraveller.com) and Instagram (@bonnierakhit) are exciting places where you will find interesting tips about where to visit, where to stay, what to eat, where to try and where to go to find unique outfits that make up a great travel wardrobe for yourself. This is an ideal blog if you are a girl who likes to mix fashion and travel.



If you are looking for inspiration to live slowly, cherish small things and take a deeper look at everything, try Carolyn's blog: The Slow Traveler (theslowtraveler.net). She is a photographer working in the UK, so it is not too surprising that her Instagram (@theslowtraveler) is filled with stunning dream-like images.

Carolyn's favorite and most prominent photographic spot is a large white window with plenty of light on the piles of old books. Just look at Carolyn's photos, you will also feel the spirit of "slow travel" that this photographer wishes to convey.



Opposite to Carolyn's soft pastel tones from the blog The Slow Traveler above, Lucy Williams impresses people through her Instagram (@lucywilliams02) and travel blog (fashionmenow.co.uk) with sharp, bold colors. She combines her delicate fashion during outdoor activities with a range of fun activities such as swimming, sunbathing and soaking in Vancouver's steam baths.



Living in London, but the twins Jordan and Loanne Collyer - the owners of famous travel blog The Twinning Tourists (collyertwins.com) - spend most of their time traveling the world. Not only sharing about the trip, the duo also makes many people enjoy following thanks to great fashion sense and extremely interesting outfits. Visiting their Instagram (@collyertwins), you can even get inspired to plan a trip with your sisters or close friends to take interesting photos.



The life of a DJ and an entrepreneur in beauty and fitness has given Hannah Bronfman the opportunity to travel the world. Looking through her blog, The Active Adventurer (harperwave.com), and her personal Instagram account (@hannahbronfman), you get on the way with Hannah in annual trips to Cannes, enjoy spaghetti in Amalfi, admire romantic sunset in Santorini or look at the marriages in Marrakech.

With a fiery body, strong tan skin and long braided hair, Hannah gives you the needed travel spirit, but still extremely concerns about health and quality of life.








By: Dinah Gutierrez

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