6 interesting things you could only see in Dubai

The richest and most luxurious life in the world makes Dubai have different things from the rest of the world.

There is a ski resort in Dubai


Ski Dubai is the most unique and modern artificial ski area in Dubai's largest commercial district. Ski Dubai has the largest roof today and owns the world's third largest indoor ski ridge. Participating in skiing and playing in the snow in the middle of the desert is extremely interesting for tourists.


Ski Dubai has 5 ski slopes with different lengths and gradients. With the longest 1,312 foot slope, skiers and surfers of all skill levels can experience comfortably.


In addition to slopes, an additional 3,000 m2 amusement park is arranged with a variety of games, from ski trailers, ice skis, artificial climbing towers, giant snowmen, and an ice cave. 

Robots in Dubai can participate in camel racing


In Dubai, camel racing has become a traditional discipline for thousands of years. Initially, people trained to harness camels were children, usually 4-year-old boys. The boys are also often starved to be as light as possible, not putting weight on camel's back. However, after being condemned for brutality and violence against children, the custom of choosing children disappeared completely.


To replace the children, Dubai residents have figured out how to use robots. A lot of robot designs dedicated to camel racing were born. These robots are just larger than a book, fully equipped with shockproof devices and remote controls. They also have devices to measure the speed and heart rate of camels. Each robot is also equipped with a whip to control the camel and the owner of the camel stand outside will use the controller to move the whip.

Pets are strange and weird

Dubai giants seem to be raising pets as a way to show their personal level. Therefore, expensive animals such as lions, tigers, leopards, eagles, and falcons are their choices and of course, they are treated in extremely luxurious ways.


When visiting Dubai, do not be surprised when you see dozens of tigers or lions that are taken by the giants to walk on the streets with gold-plated supercars. Sometimes, they are brought along with their owners to enjoy a luxurious vacation on the Dubai Sea.

Supercars appear everywhere

In many cities, if the Lamborghini and Ferrari on the roads make you admired, these luxurious cars appear as much as other vehicles in Dubai.


Most Dubai people own luxurious cars and drive around their spacious houses. The super-rich and the Arab Prince possesses gold-plated Mercedes, Bentley or diamond Ducati are no longer strange in the luxurious city.

Buying many things with vending machines


Gold ATM in Dubai Mall for visitors to buy from coins to 24k gold pieces. The machine has a display that changes prices every 10 minutes to keep up with market fluctuations. Go to Sharaf DG store at Times Square Center, you can buy laptops, tablets, cameras, and phones from vending machines. 

Do not take photos without permission


Dubai people absolutely do not like to be photographed without being asked before. This is a very serious offense that some local people and tourists have. The UAE is very strict in preserving the privacy of individuals and therefore, photographing a person without their consent is considered a crime. And if you post these pictures on the media, the crime is worse. You can be fined up to 500,000 Dh (136,147 USD) and sentenced to six-month imprisonment, expelled for this behavior.

By: Kelly Jonas

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