6 amazing locations in New Brunswick, Canada

Shaped like a rectangle, New Brunswick is about 322 km from north to south and 242 km from east to west, with unique destinations.


New Brunswick is Canada's eastern coastal state with an attractive and rich cultural heritage. This locality borders Nova Scotia, Quebec and Maine sub-state of the US. 

St. Martins Sea Caves 


Every 6 hours and 13 minutes, the tide rises or recedes once to reveal amazing St. Martins Sea Caves. When the tide recedes, you can visit the caves by walking. When the tide rises, you can also visit the cave by kayaking in to admire the cave domes. The amount of water flowing into the cave originates from Fundy Bay. 

Fundy National Park 


Fundy National Park offers great walks on a day. In particular, Moosehorn Trail stretches over 9km, crossing the somewhat difficult terrain. Great natural pools appear scattered across the road, giving visitors a comfortable experience. Nearby, Lake Bennet is an interesting place for tourists to kayak and salmon fishing in the summer. 

Historic Water Street, Saint Andrew 


Historic Water Street has always been the soul of Saint Andrew, a town in New Brunswick. In the late 1700s, it was nicknamed Water Street. Seawater, canals, and lakes surround the town and there are numerous peninsulas appearing on Passamaquoddy Bay. Visitors can register tours by kayaking around the lake channels or set foot on the yacht to the sea to watch whales. Returning to the mainland, you can visit dozens of family shops like "Garden by the Sea" to find all kinds of soap and tea, spices. 

Roosevelt Campobello International Park 


Few people know that the famous former US President Franklin Roosevelt had a very happy summer on Campobello Island in New Brunswick. Roosevelt Campobello International Park was born to celebrate this exciting event. Here, visitors can visit the house where the former US president once lived. 

This park has dozens of trails for bicycles and tropical gardens. There is also a spectacular Head Friar observation deck for guests to climb to enjoy the sea breeze. History lovers should spend time visiting the best preserved, ancient museums in the locality. 

Lighthouse Swallowtail, Grand Manan Island 


Swallowtail is a beautiful place for photographers, artists, and visitors. The path to the lighthouse is mainly gravel roads and wooden stairs. You should arrange a plan to climb this lighthouse at sunrise, to have the opportunity to see the best moment. 

Kingsbrae Garden 


The 27-acre Kingsbrae Garden is a collection of over 50,000 ornamental plants from the top 10 gardens in the country. To visit all of this massive botanical heritage, visitors need to organize a long travel tour. Not only trees, but Kingsbrae Garden also takes visitors to explore Dutch-style windmills and cedar mazes. 

By: Kelly Jonas

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