5 must-visit destinations when coming to Seoul

Did you know that Seoul hides a lot of interesting things that will make you want to pack up and go?

If you love South Korea, want to see the ancient palaces, the traditional villages and enjoy the standard street food, here are 5 places you will definitely have to go for a complete trip.

Hanok Bukchon ancient village


Located in the center of bustling Seoul, the old Hanok Bukchon village is an interesting cultural highlight. With more than 900 houses built in ancient architecture, the Hanok Bukchon village recorded a bold mark in the heart of visitors right from the first moment.

Here, visitors can easily learn about South Korean culture through ancient houses nestled under ancient trees, with lots of traditional food and tea shops. This is the reason why visitors to Korea want to walk once on the small path of Hanok Bukchon ancient village, release their souls into the space filled with historical imprints.

Changdeok Palace


Changdeok Palace is one of the most famous palaces in South Korea. Built-in 1405 during the Joseon Dynasty, the palace has remained intact with the unique architecture.

The palace has a total area of 580,000 square meters, in which the campus around the main palace is about 120,000 square meters. In particular, the palace is famous for its beautiful garden. Previously, the garden was only for kings and mandarins. Today, this is a popular tourist destination loved by young people.

N Seoul Tower 


N Seoul Tower is also known as Namsan Tower which is one of the famous tourist spots in Seoul. With a height of 236m, N Seoul Tower is South Korea's tallest tower. It is famous for a series of performances and art exhibitions by leading authors in Korea and the world. Thus, the N Seoul Tower is always appreciated by people as a luxurious tower.

The highlight of N Seoul Tower is the image of millions of colorful love locks hanging on the fence at the top of the tower. This is where couples want to come to lock their love with a promise of a hundred years, maybe so that N Seoul Tower becomes the destination of millions of young people in the world.

Myeong-dong bustling street


Myeong-dong is considered the heart of Seoul. This is one of the busiest streets in Seoul, where the beauty and fashion believers and certain Korean street food lovers cannot miss. Myeong-dong Street is full of popular beauty and fashion brands in Korea such as The Face Shop, Innisfree, Tonymoly, 3CE, Uniqlo, Adidas, H&M, Zara, etc. Moreover, what characterizes Myeong-dong is the street food carts that only South Korea has.

Coming to Myeong-dong, you will learn more about the bustling life of Seoul, as well as understand the people, culture, and cuisine here completely. These will be interesting experiences for those who first set foot in South Korea.

Gangnam rich neighborhood


Gangnam is the most famous wealthy neighborhood in Korea with luxury villas worth millions of dollars. This is the home of the wealthy people in South Korea. According to the survey, an apartment in this area averages about $ 70 thousand. The Gangnam neighborhood is also known as the top shopping street with shopping centers, museums, large restaurants in Seoul such as Apguieong-dong, and COEX.

By: Mithrine Smith

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