5 colorful paradises in Cinque Terre

Dubbed the place with the most colorful villages in the world, Cinque Terre is as beautiful as an oil painting lying on a rugged cliff, along the Liguria coast, Italy.

Five villages of Cinque Terre are connected by both road, rail and sea. These villages stand out by hundreds of small houses adjacent to each other painted in vivid colors without any rules. The terraced fields planted with grapes and olives, which are located adjacent to the cliff, are also special points of Cinque Terre.



Manarola is known to be the oldest village of Cinque Terre with narrow stone streets and colorful buildings. In the village, there are also sharp tower houses, especially the San Lorenzo church which was built in 1338 with very characteristic architecture. When the night comes down, Manarola is even more beautiful than heaven with sparkling lights. Manarola is also a great place for lovers of walking and sightseeing. You can go to the hills filled with grapes and this is probably the most famous and beautiful road in Cinque Terre.



Riomaggiore village is located south of the Cinque Terre and stands out with various colorful houses built into the hill to create a perfect picture. For lovers, the Via dell’Amore road in Riomaggiore is a place to capture meaningful memories. According to the local people, if two people in lover lock the keys into the barrier and throw their keys together in the sea, their love will be witnessed and eternal.

Monterosso al Mare


Monterosso al Mare belongs to the northwest coast with the most beautiful and clear blue beaches of the Cinque Terre, divided into two zones: The Old Town and The New Town. People here say: You will never have a sober head to be able to pass through here because of the extremely winding roads and many slopes with hidden corners; just a small mistake is that you can fall into the abyss.

The Monterosso village is famous for the San Francisco church inside which has a large monastery containing the famous Van Dyck painting. The village is also known to visitors for providing lemon, olives and the best Italian white wine. Thanks to the largest full-scale beaches in villages and infrastructure, Monterosso is always dense with family travelers in summer.



Vernazza has restored its reputation after the historic flood in 2011 and became one of the most beautiful villages of Cinque Terre. Not only beautiful and charming, but it is also famous for its colorful small villages on the top of white cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

In Vernazza, St. Margaret Parish with a 40-meter octagonal bell tower marks the way for many more colorful houses. The fishing boats of residents in the area anchored close to the coast always attract the curiosity of tourists.



Not as noisy and bustling as Monterosso, Corniglia is much more peaceful and charming. Corniglia is the greenest village with endless fields and is the only village without direct access to the sea at Cinque Terre.

Located on the top of a large cliff surrounded by vineyards, Corniglia offers stunning views of the Mediterranean. Most houses in Corniglia are terraced, with a facade facing the main road and others facing the sea. The architectural style of the house is slightly different from the other four villages when it was built low, very narrow and connected around the main Fieschi street.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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