5 charming cities you can only explore thoroughly by walking

To understand a tourist city, there is no better way than walking. And these places will prove it.


Not only famous as the symbol of love, Paris also melts the heart of travel lovers with its classic, ancient beauty. Instead of sitting on public transport, just let your random steps take you to department stores, restaurants and bookstores with long-standing architecture.


Going a bit further into this tourist city, visitors also find the cobblestone streets stretching between the standard French-style roof tiles. The two street sides full of poplar trees are typical images of Paris. Your discovery journey will be even more interesting when walking around the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Triumphal Arch or checking in at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. This place is also one of the most famous European cultural cradles with numerous museums of artistic value such as Orangerie, Orsay, Louvre...



Rome is famous for countless stunning architectural works, and they lie almost everywhere so you can just take a walk and enjoy this city. The Italians also really like gathering, chatting on every time of the day, so it is no surprise that Rome owns plenty of cafes. You can learn more about this eternal city when taking part in the air of a curbside one.


If you have no interest in coffee, you can find your way to Piazza Del Popolo square and visit the church of the same name. And it would be such a pity if you miss the pebble path leading to Piazza Navona square in another direction of Rome.



Venice is another name deserving hours of walking around in every corner of this lovely city. Located in the northeast of Italy, Venice is formed from 118 islands and 175 canals connected by 444 bridges. It is these elements that have created a unique atmosphere of such stunning city.


With colorful houses, rocky alleyways, blue and pink sky, Venice makes you sometimes vague whether you are dreaming or awake. The city can also make you drunk by the strong taste of a typical cup of Italian coffee. When you're tired, get on a Gondola boat and let the boatman help you continue to admire the romantic beauty of Venice.



London is one of the charming cities that promises even more surprises when you choose to explore it by walking. Unlike Paris, London is modern and lively with the bustling atmosphere of shopping malls, shops or people rushing back and forth. The city is also famous for its characteristic colors of neon lights and colorful signs.


But besides being crowded and noisy, London can also give visitors an extremely poetic atmosphere when going across Greenwich Park or Tate Modern Museum.



Famous as The City That Never Sleeps, New York is a tourist city that converges a variety of different cultures and you can only discover all the beauty of this place by walking. Surely, the Statue of Liberty is a place that every tourist can't miss while walking around New York. In addition, you will have plenty of time to enjoy art spaces at museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway, Times Square when not dependent on other means of transportation.


If you love shopping, check out Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. This place will please all even the most discerning traveler. Don't forget to energize yourself because this tourist city also has cool nightlife activities at clubs and restaurants.



By: Dinah Gutierrez

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