5 amazing cafés to stop by in Barcelona

Coming to Barcelona, professional travelers recommend local cafés to get the most out of native life rhythm

In a time when we are still full of excitement to welcome the new year, travel becomes more interesting than ever. At this time, certainly those who love moving are not only looking for noisy places, specialty dishes or famous destinations, they also want to discover places to relax and enjoy every second, every minute of rest after a long, exhausting journey. So, what's better than a warm café, where you can sip a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, curl up on a comfortable sofa and forget about the cold winter?

Coming to Barcelona, professional travelers recommend that you should try local cafés to get the most out of the native life rhythm. In this mesmerizing city, it is not difficult to find a coffee shop. But to find a place to come back to many times more, it takes time to experience.

Coffee in Barcelona often has a modern and airy layout with simple, clean wood-paneled furniture, very suitable for young people. And here are the 5 most mentioned names that you should never miss during your trip in this charming city.



Address: 95 Carrer de Badajoz, 08005 Barcelona

Espai Joliu is a quiet café, featuring an impromptu, non-sophisticated layout because the furniture here already has many details itself. In particular, the owner of the café already plants and places a variety of ornamental plants to make this small space more airy. In addition, the old stains or rusts also create an interesting nostalgic feeling for the shop.



Address: 88 Carrer de Pamplona, 08018 Barcelona

The youth in Barcelona calls this a place to escape from the bustle of urban prosperity. A cute little van is set right in the middle of the café, creating an interesting highlight for this place. Sitting around the small table next to the van makes guests feel like sitting around the fire at the edge of the forest. This is a great place to enjoy a hot coffee with your friends or curl up with your laptop, quietly completing your work in the corner.



Address: 64 Carrer de l’Argenteria, 08003 Barcelona

The coffee here is highly appreciated. Coming to this shop, you often meet long lines of people waiting to buy some drinks. The space of El Magnifico is quite narrow, so customers mainly take their coffee away. This shop also serves raw coffee beans from all over the world.



Address: 11 Carrer de l'Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 08002 Barcelona

This is a very typical café for the typical coffee style in Barcelona. It lies hidden in an office building so if you don't notice, you might miss this place without knowing it. The special thing in Satan's Coffee Corner is that you will find also Japanese breakfast dishes here.



Address: 12 Passatge Sert, 08003 Barcelona

Located in a small alley, this café is not very spacious, but it creates an extremely cozy atmosphere. The taste of coffee here is really strong that it's even difficult to drink for amateurs. However, unique coffee and funny barista are reasons that keep people coming back to Nomad.










By: Vivian Cooper

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