4 fascinating destinations for country music fans

If you love the vitality and meaning of country music, surely these spots will be great places to immerse yourself in this lovely music genre.

In contrast to the popularity of pop music or EDM, country music is actually picky. If you really know the culture of the US, you will know that most country songs represent the typical South American lifestyle, from the lyrics to the melody. That is why this music genre often carries love, pride and family vibes – the things that belonged to the lifestyle of American cowboys.

So, if you love country music, why do not you check out these following places to find out more about this rustic music genre? Besides letting you immerse in surprisingly beautiful scene, their honest spices will definitely make you love country music even more than ever!


Dubbed the Music City, Nashville is the perfect place for people who love country music. As the world’s capital of country music, this city will surely bring you many wonderful opportunities to explore this amazing genre.


In addition, Nashville is the film set to many famous music video, such as Grand Ole Opry. Huge fans of this music genre certainly should not miss the amazing Country Music Hall Of Fame. Or if you really want to enjoy country music to the fullness, take a night out on the Honky Tonk Highway. You can always dance to the fun music from countless bars there.



Austin, Texas will be a great place to immerse you in the melody of country music. The "live music capital of the world" will awaken your cowboy instinct. In addition, the statue of Willie Nelson - a symbol of the country music - was placed here in the middle of the city, proving that Texas's love for country music is undeniable. And you can totally entrust your love of music to Texas.


In particular, you can also learn the famous country dances at The Broken Spoke. Do not hesitate any more, buy yourself a pair of cowboy boots and prepare to dance all night with your friends.



Country music is gaining popularity in Branson, Missouri. The passionate fans of this genre can spend the weekend entertaining the full spectrum of country music at Branson's Country Music Weekend! You will not be able to resist singing along the country music legends in 3 days here.


Or, if you want to, you can totally go to country music shows at the Grand Country Music Hall. Of course, if you already fall in love with this genre, surely you have great experience in Missouri!



Country music is rooted in Mississippi. Many country music artists are born in this land of fame. A must-have experience when you come here is driving along the Mississippi Country Music Trail. What so special about this road is that the big signboards and biographies of influential country musicians placed along the road, so you can drive around while improving your knowledge about this music line. That sounds amazing, right?


And also, do not forget to enjoy the barbecue at Pig & Pint before playing in the Pop Saloon!


By: Olivia Mendoza

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