4 best beer festivals in the UK

Referring to beer, tourists only think of Germany, but few people know that the UK also loves this drink.

The first British beer festival to mention is Fyne Fest in Glen Fyne, in the Achadunan Estate. The festival is organized by beer company Fyne Ales. This beer festival is a true pilgrimage for nature lovers, even the festival is an integral part of the West Highland Way tours. With more than 10 years of age, Fyne Fest beer festival offers visitors more than 270 kinds of beer from many famous British beer regions.


Fyne Fest is a rare British beer festival where you can camp right on the meadow, sail along the river and walk a few miles to a quiet bar. The festival just ended on June 3, but you can still go camping and drink beer.


Wincle Beer Festival is organized by Wincle Beer Company in Cheshire. On Tolls Farm in the small village of Wincle, next to the border of Cheshire and Staffordshire, Wincle Beer Company will welcome visitors to the golden fields every June to organize this classic beer festival on the shore of Dane river.


Not as diverse as Fyne Fest festival, the Wincle Beer Festival has only about 25 types of beer. Not only Wincle but also local breweries like Beartown, Torrside, Peak Ales and Cheshire's oldest brewery, Red Willow also join.


Wincle Beer Festival is a gentle vibe, combining a warm family holiday and a fun-filled festival. You can both enjoy beer, immerse yourself in the music of the country of English. Street food will become a drinking bait for any diners who love beer. The festival also ended on June 28-29, with the entrance ticket completely free.


A beer festival is no less crowded, which is the Cardigan Independent Beer Festival, held in Ceredigion. It is operated by the second generation of the Tucker-Lynch family owning Pizzatipi - the leading camping model, an attractive ecotourism area, resort apartments, and food and beverage business in the Teifi River.


Pizzatipi is famous for a pizza kitchen located right by the river. This is an area with maritime history, and especially when the sunset falls, the river's surface is immersed in charming red and pink. Every June, Pizzatipi hosts the Cardigan Independent Beer Festival with about 50 types of beer, from the most famous breweries in the Ceredigion region such as Polly’s Brew Co, Heavy Industry, Cwrw Ial, and Crafty Devil. This British beer festival also ends on June 28-29, with many fun games and exciting music festivals.


Finally, the Cotswold Beer Festival, located near Winchcombe. With more than 43 years of annual organization, this British beer festival is considered a traditional cultural custom of the region. Cotswold Beer Festival is organized by Camra Gloucestershire and Postlip, a community organization that owns more than 6 hectares of land between Cheltenham and Winchcombe. You can drink beer in a warehouse dating back to medieval times, or relax on the stream, enjoy beer and watch the boats.


At noon every Saturday, many families often gather here to sing, picnic, dance and enjoy beers together. More than 80 types of beers are available all year round, one-third of them come from major regional firms such as Big River, Hal’s Ales, and Inferno. You can also camp and drink together through the nights. The event is especially active here, which takes place from July 19 to 21.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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