15 misunderstandings about rich and luxurious life in Dubai

Referring to Dubai, you will definitely think of skyscrapers, Muslims and rich life. Here are 15 things that you may have mistakenly thought about Dubai.

1. Dubai is the capital of billionaires?


There are about 5,000 billionaires in the world, and only 20 billionaires live in Dubai. In fact, the capital of billionaires is in Beijing, while the second place is in New York.

2. No poverty in Dubai?


Including migrants, we can say that there are many poor people here. The salary of a worker is between $ 200 and $ 350, and the cheapest phone subscription is $ 30. Life here is very expensive, so many people have to live in very narrow rooms (usually 5 people per room).

3. Dubai is a perfect place to raise children?


Most migrants who come here live to leave their children in their homeland because they cannot pay for education. The amount of a public school is $ 100,000 for 11 years. Moreover, the climate is quite harsh for children, sitting in air-conditioned rooms for hours makes their resistance weaker.

4. Dubai is a country?


Many people think that Dubai is a country. In fact, it is only part of the wealthy country in the Middle East. Dubai is the most populous emirate in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) with more than 3 million people, accounting for about one-third of the UAE population.

5. No alcohol in Dubai?


Wine is for visitors and non-Muslims. To buy it, you must have a special card or tourist visa. You can drink alcoholic beverages at most hotels and bars. Usually, nightlife venues are located in hotels, and there are more than 500 different points in Dubai.

6. No unemployment in Dubai?


This result comes from very simple policies: foreign workers without visas will be deported to the country after 30 days. Local people easily change jobs because they have a high education, trained from many prestigious universities around the world because they are free of college (tuition paid by the government of the UAE).

7. Dubai is a clean ecological city?


Due to the continuous increase of population, prolonged construction, lack of water resources, changes in natural landscapes by buildings, the lack of a uniform system for waste management and a lot of cars, Dubai cannot be counted as a city with an ideal environment or ecosystem.

8. Dubai has the only summer and the weather is always good?


Imagine you are in a Russian bath 24/7 with the temperature always reaching close to 48 degrees Celsius, not to mention the high humidity and the bright sun. The sky is not as blue as you think, it is always gray because of dust in the air. What are you expecting from a desert climate?

9. It takes many years for Dubai to reach its current level?


The UAE surprises people about its age. The United Arab Emirates was unified in 1971. Dubai is a very young city but it has demonstrated incredible development with many achievements, inventions, finance, technology, and tourism.

10. Police in Dubai only use luxurious cars?


People think police cars in Dubai are supercars like Lamborghini and Bentley. However, people can also see BMW, Audi, and even Toyota cars with modest flashing lights here. Because many people here own supercars, the police are forced to equip fast supercars in their garage.

11. Everything is automatic in Dubai?


Technology is everywhere in this city: air conditioning installed at bus stops and ATMs, police robots, subway running in the airport. However, in Dubai, there are places where there is no efficient drainage system, so a small shower can affect the city.

12. The leopard and the lion are pets in Dubai?


In Dubai, wildlife detention is in violation of the law. If you take a leopard or lion for a walk, you can be sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and pay a fine of $ 2,700 to $ 138,000. Most locals raise cats and they don't like dogs very much.

13. Dubai has only skyscrapers?


In fact, it is a city contrasted with 163-story skyscrapers, multi-story villas, apartment buildings, and one-story houses. Certainly, the city is growing, but locals love to live in separate villas where there are no neighbors.

14. Most Dubai people are Arabs and indigenous people?


About 25% of Dubai's population is Indian. Local people only make up about 9% of the population. The second-largest population, behind India, are migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh. These people often work on construction sites and in factories. 91% of Dubai's population are people from other countries.

15. Dubai's wealth comes from oil?


A long time before oil production, the people of Dubai worked to find pearls, and they succeeded in this business. Pearl jewelry from the Persian Gulf is always appreciated. There is a special place in the history of the pearl industry in the UAE's cultural and museum centers.

By: Abigail Harris

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