12 weird restrictions you only find in North Korea

Cutting hair in forms, not using wifi, or not wearing blue jeans is one of the weird restrictions in this mysterious country.

1. Do not wear blue jeans


In Korea, jeans are considered the embodiment of world imperialism. People are only allowed to wear black jeans but not to wear blue jeans. This law does not apply to tourists but you will not be able to wear jeans when visiting the monuments of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

2. Worldwide web and Wi-Fi are banned


There are computers and internet in North Korea but only operate in the national territory and do not reach the world. Korea's internet network is called Kwangmyong. All international websites are banned and if you are not a powerful person, you will not be able to access the international web. It is estimated that people have access to about 1,000-5,500 internal websites.

This country also has no wifi. Mobile devices cannot even access the Kwangmyong network. The tablets which China makes for North Korea do not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules.

3. Foreigners cannot use Korean money


Tourists are not allowed to use the Korean national currency. In local stores for foreigners, visitors can pay in euro, yuan, Korean won, and even the US dollar.

4. It is almost impossible to buy a car


In Korea, those who own a car are certainly very wealthy and powerful. The price of a car is very high and equivalent to about 40,000 USD. Even a bike is expensive and rarely seen in Korea. Especially, bicycles also have number plates like cars.

5. Locals cannot make phone calls abroad


Mobile phones are not really rare in Korea. However, local citizens are not allowed to make calls abroad or even with a foreigner in Korea. All local SIM cards only allow domestic calls.

6. People cannot take a hot shower at home


There is no source of hot water in the homes of Koreans so they often visit public baths. In addition, there is no central heating for the house in the winter and the people have to burn the stove with wood to warm up.

7. No Coca-Cola in stores


Before 2015, there were only two countries in the world where Coca-Cola was banned: Cuba and Korea. When this drink is finally allowed to be sold in Cuba, North Korea is the only country in the world without Coca-Cola.

8. Citizens cannot travel internationally


Korean citizens cannot buy international air tickets and fly to another country for a vacation, not because the price is very expensive but it is banned. Not only that, but people also have limited movements in the country. To visit their loved ones in another town or village, people must get permission. However, some Koreans can still go to China or Russia in the form of trade.

9. No McDonald in Korea


There is no McDonald's fast-food chain system in Korea. However, street kiosks with traditional Korean dishes are becoming increasingly popular in this country.

10. Foreigners must not take photos or even talk to local people without permission


A local citizen will not be imprisoned or executed for a conversation with foreigners. If visitors try to talk to someone or take photos of people, they may run away. Visitors are also prohibited from taking pictures of anything around them. The tour guide will prevent you from taking anything, especially military-related things.

11. It is almost impossible to buy condoms or feminine hygiene products


It is hard to believe that most Koreans do not know that condoms exist. Several decades ago, they appeared on the black market but not very popular. Now, it is almost impossible to buy condoms because people have no need. Additionally, sanitary pads are also never found in Korean stores. It sounds amazing, but women here still have to use cloth towels and then wash them over and over again.

12. Never get a creative hairstyle in Korea


In local hair salons, visitors can find images of the recommended hairstyles for men and women. The most fashionable hairstyles are the hairstyle of the country's leaders. That's why most men like to cut hair like Kim Jong-Un. Meanwhile, women often have bob hair like Kim Jong-un.

By: Kelly Jonas

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