12 adventurous tours that challenge the bravest visitors

If you feel too bored with the usual types of travel, you can try bungee jumping from above or into an active volcanic center.

1. Zhangjiajie glass bridge, China


Zhangjiajie glass bridge is the largest and tallest bridge with a glass bottom in the world. The bridge creates a wonderful, hallucinating look like walking in the air, 300 meters above the ground. In addition to just walking along the bridge, you can jump bungee to try a strong feeling.

2. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Java, Indonesia


The park is one of the largest volcanic areas in Indonesia. This is a perfect place for volcanic lovers, who want to get close to the center of a volcano and take risky selfies. Bromo volcano is still active and you can see smoke rising from it.

3. Volcano Cerro Negro, Nicaragua


Skiing down the ridge was too normal, but have you ever thought of sliding down a volcano that is active with a piece of wood? If that thought makes you excited, try going to the volcano at the Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. Local guides will teach you how to slide down a black surface like extraterrestrial.

4. Pedra da Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Pedra da Gávea is the world's largest monolith on the coast. It is 842 meters high. Over time, the stone has ruined a lot but it is still very attractive to tourists. You can climb along a very steep slope to reach the top.

5. Devils Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia


Devils is a natural pool formed after thousands of years of erosion. This wonderful pool will give you a great view from the waterfall looking down

6. CN Tower, Toronto, Canada


This place is one of the most interesting city panoramic sights in the world. Tourists often walk in groups of 6, freely admire the view from above. This is also one of the experiences to test the courage and limits of tourists.

7. Trift Bridge, Alps, Switzerland


Walking on this suspension bridge to the top of Alps makes many people feel very excited. You will be overwhelmed by this picturesque mountain scenery.

8. The Cave of Swallows, San Luis Potosí, Mexico


This is one of the most spectacular caves in the world. The walls are home to thousands of swallows and they often leave the nest in the morning and return in the evening. If you're brave enough, you can come here and climb down the dark cave with a rope.

9. Villarrica volcano, Pucón, Chile


If jumping into a cave is not thrilling for you, bungee jumping inside an active crater is what you need. In fact, to do this, you will need to throw yourself down from a helicopter attached to a 106-meter long rope. An average price for a volcanic bungee tour is about $ 16,000.

10. Underwater cave Sac Actun, Caribbean, Yucatan


When swimming in a cave, you will feel like a place other than the earth. Inside this cave is where research scientists have found human bones up to 1300 years old.

11. Moaning Cave, California, USA


If you want to study the cave deeper, you can go down to Moaning cave with a rope, then admire the flow and the holes emit a strange sound.

12. Mount Huashan, Huayin City, China


This is a place where you can experience the harshest hiking in the world. Get ready for an unforgettable walk that will make your heart beat fast. The road here is made of narrow wooden planks on the stone surface giving you a little space to balance.

By: Joshua Thompson

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