11 odd bans in the world you may not know

Somethings are likely harmless but banned in some countries. Here are the notes you should pocket when traveling abroad.


No tattoos or selfie photographs of Buddhas in Sri Lankan: The use of Buddhist images as tattoos would be considered a serious crime in Sri Lanka. This country has expelled or banned many visitors because of this reason.


Swearing is banned in the United Arab Emirates: Unauthorized behavior or swearing(including using offensive language on the Internet) is an offense and the offender may be deported or must be properly jailed in the UAE.


Electronic cigarettes are banned in Thailand: If you do not want to be fined, even jailed for 10 years, you should not use electronic cigarettes in the land of golden temples. Not only that, Thailand has begun enforcing a ban on using tobacco at the beaches to ensure coastal sanitation.


Codeine is contraindicated in Japan: Codeine is an opiate derivative of analgesic, commonly used in medicine but excessive use leads to addiction. In Japan, the use of Codeine containing drugs can be detained or deported, depending on the seriousness of the action.


Do not ruin money in Turkey: Turkey's money is considered one of the most beautiful bills in the world. In this country, sabotaging money means national and national defamation. Offenders will be sentenced to between 6 months and 3 years in prison.


Do not step on Thai money: The Thai bath has the image of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the longest reigning king in the history of the country. Thus, the act of stepping on money would be harshly condemned, even considered guilty of insulting King Bhumibol.


Ukraine bans alcohol in public: Not only wine but alcoholic beverages and stimulants are also not allowed in public places like docks, parks, entertainment areas, etc. Ukrainian government considers that the order The prohibition will minimize unacceptable accidents.


Never feed pigeons in Venice: Travelers will be fined if they are found feeding pigeons. This ban aims to stabilize the number of pigeons and keep the St Mark's architecture intact.


Do not drain the toilet at midnight in Switzerland: In Switzerland, discharging after 22 hours is not allowed because the noise will affect the people around. Many people think that the discharge of water is more terrible than the machinery in the factory. Therefore, you only have to go to the toilet before 22h or to empty the toilet until the next morning.


Drivers in Denmark always have to turn on the lights: The rules sound strange, but this is a way to find vehicles next to large trucks, to minimize the problem of traffic accidents in Denmark. Failure to do so may result in a fine of $ 100.


Greece prohibits wearing high heels: In historic areas, especially the Acropolis, visitors are not allowed to wear high heels as they may affect the status of thousands of years old buildings here.

By: Kalen Jonas

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