10 most terrifying abandoned airports in the world

You often think the airport is a crowded and bustling place, but sometimes it is also on the list of forgotten places.

Nicosia International Airport (Cyprus) 


Built in the 1930s for military service, Nicosia then became an international airport, welcoming 800,000 passengers a year. Today, this place is abandoned, the infrastructure is rotten and no one is allowed to enter without permission from the local government. 

Ciudad Real Central Airport (Spain) 


Ciudad Real, also known as Don Quijote, is the first private airport in Spain, transporting 10 million tourists a year. After spending nearly $ 1.2 billion to build, in 2012, the place was bankrupt and abandoned. In 2015, Ciudad Real was purchased for nearly $ 9,000. 

Berlin Tempelhof (Germany) 


The Berlin Tempelhof was taken over by Nazi Germany and used as an airport. In 2008, the airport officially stopped working and is now a public space for skateboarding. 

Croydon Airport (UK) 


Croydon is the first international airport in the world to use air traffic control. Due to the small area but a large number of passengers, it was closed in 1959 and is now a hotel and museum. 

Kai Tak International Airport (Hong Kong, China) 


Built in 1925, with terrain surrounded by mountains, lakes and towering apartments, Kai Tak is one of the most frightening airports in the world. It was closed in 1998 and replaced by Chek Lap Kok airport. 

Ellinikon International Airport (Greece) 


Ellinikon used to be Greece's international airport for over 60 years. The airport used to be the place for the 2004 Olympic Games. Since 2001, the airport has been closed and has become a house of the homeless. 

Yasser Arafat International Airport (Gaza Strip) 


 Located in the Gaza Strip in the Middle East, Yasser Arafat airport officially operated in 1998 with the presence of US President Bill Clinton. The airport was abandoned when bombs repeatedly destroyed the place. 

Jaisalmer Airport (India) 


Jaisalmer is one of the newest abandoned airports in India. The airport was built in 2013 at a cost of more than $ 13 million but never went into operation. 

Galeville Military Airport (New York) 


Galeville military airport stopped operating in 1994 when the US Department of Defense said it was no longer needed. Soldiers once filled the marshes to build a runway in the 1940s. The area is now part of the Grasslands Shawangunk National Wildlife Refuge. 

W. H. Bramble Airport (Montserrat) 


W. H. Bramble Airport is named after a Montserrat governor named William Henry Bramble. This was the only place where people could go to the Caribbean island, but the 1997 volcanic eruption destroyed it. By 2005, a new airport was built to replace W.H.Bramble. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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