10 most beautiful universities in Africa

 People often think of Africa as poverty and plague, but you will have a different view of this land through these beautiful universities.

Cape Town University, South Africa


Founded in 1829, Cape Town University is the oldest university in South Africa. The school consists of many red-roofed buildings in the classical revival style, which contrasts beautifully with the magnificent splendor of the Cape Town Mountains. It is not uncommon for Cape Town University to top the list of the most beautiful universities in the world.

Stellenbosch University, South Africa


Built in 1866, the campus of the beautiful Stellenbosch University is breathtaking with spectacular mountains. Located on the banks of the Eerste River, the university is located in the heart of South Africa and only 50 km from Cape Town.

University of Pretoria, South Africa


The University of Pretoria was built in 1908 as an English organization. The school is famous for its beautiful lilac jacaranda trees, blooming throughout the campus. The most prominent is the Old Art Building in Hatfield campus, built in 1910 and declared a national monument in 1968.

University of Gaston Berger, Senegal


Gaston Berger University is 13 km from Saint-Louis, where the world-famous annual jazz festival takes place. Although the town is littered with colorful French colonial architecture, the buildings on the campus of the Gaston Berger University are more modern. The central highlight is the library tower, visible from the national road running from Richard-Toll to the Mauritania border.

University of Ghana, Ghana


The University of Ghana was founded in 1948 and is located on a vast land just 12 km from Accra. Its architecture is a real strength - bright white walls and red roofs blend well with the trees and flowers on campus. Balme Library is the nucleus of the campus and is considered one of the best libraries in West Africa.

Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria


Founded in 1961 as Ife University, it was renamed Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in 1987. Located on 53km2 of the area in Ife-Ife, an ancient Yoruba city in Osun state, on the Southwest Nigeria, the university includes both natural wonders and architecture. There are famous Nigerian sculptures scattered throughout the campus and many buildings are characterized by a modern tilting style, especially the Spider building.

University of Lagos, Nigeria


The University of Lagos is proud to have an entrance lined with palm trees, shady yards, parks, a botanical garden, and a zoo. At the university, students soon became familiar with the conversation of monkeys, birds and stink bugs.

Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria


Founded in 1962, Ahmadu Bello University is named after Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, the first prime minister of northern Nigeria. It is spread across the main Samuru campus and the Kongo campus in Zaria, Kano state where students are proud of their modern structures, terrain, and many green spaces.

Uganda Christian University, Uganda


Christian Christian University is located in the suburb of Mukono town. The school has a large sports ground with lots of verdant old trees scattered on campus. Just recently, the school's Hamu Mukasa Library has been renovated which surprises students with its beauty, especially when it is lit up at night.

Covenant University, Nigeria


Covenant University is a modern wonder. Located in Ota, Ogun state in Nigeria, it is complete with swimming pools, football fields, basketball courts, and volleyball courts. The campus meets the expectations of students with lots of green spaces and beautiful cherry trees.

By: Grace White

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