10 most beautiful beaches in Cambodia

Referring to Cambodia, many tourists probably think of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom first, but the country also has many golden sand beaches and white waves.

1. Otres Beach, Sihanoukville


Otres Beach is about 20 minutes from Sihanoukville and is always in the top destinations that many tourists choose. The investment of Chinese businesses has more or less transformed this land, but Otres is still charming with the bars and restaurants along the beach where you can enjoy coconut water or cool cocktails.

2. Koh Toch, Koh Rong


It is a mistake to forget to put Koh Toch on the list of beautiful beaches in Cambodia. For those who want to look for a little taste of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Toch is the first name mentioned. Even so, you can still find other quiet and beautiful corners at this beach without going too far.

3. Sok San, Koh Rong


Only a short boat trip from Koh Rong, riding on the waves and gently landing at Sok San, the beach brings you to another world. At Sok San, there are bungalows erected from wood on white sands and overlooking the clear blue sea. From affordable accommodation places to luxury resorts are available here. Your work is just to press the reservation button, relax, and swim under the sun.

4. Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Sanloem


Koh Rong Sanloeam is like a little brother of Koh Rong, where there are many places to stay from high-end hostels to resorts. Mad Monkey Backpackers Resort Koh Rong Sanloem attracts many tourists staying and participating in lively parties. Lazy Beach overlooks the west, making Koh Rong Sanloem a great spot to watch the sunset.

5. Ream, Sihanoukville


Ream National Park is where the forest meets the ocean. About an hour drive from Sihanoukville's city center, "Ream" will appear before your eyes. On the edge of the forest is the sea, tourists often choose to walk through the forest, visit villages or rent a kayak and go to the sea.

6. Kep


Kep beautiful coastal town has very peaceful colonial-style villas. Guests can experience walking trips through the national park and out to the coast to enjoy fresh seafood. Crab Market is an address for selling crabs caught offshore and used with spices including premium Kampot pepper.

7. Koh Ta Kiev


Koh Ta Kiev is often ranked behind Koh Rong or Koh Rong Sanloem in popularity. However, this island also has many interesting things for those who like to explore nature. There are no paved roads, few accommodation facilities, and weak electricity, so everything here is very pure and fresh. The inns like Kactus guesthouse are located right in front of the sea and offer activities such as diving or jumping into the lake from high rocks.

8. Kiri Sakor, Koh Kong


Kiri Sakor Beach is not easy to reach and only makes sense when going on a long journey if you are a person of discoveries or want to find roads or places that are not normal to explore. Located in the heart of Koh Kong National Park, one of the most remote and difficult areas in Cambodia, it has just begun to develop the tourism industry so the infrastructure is still very limited.

9. Koh Sdach, Koh Kong


Koh Sdach is the main island in the system of 12 islands, although it is not the most beautiful of them. A small, beautiful fishing village is a place where you can spend the day giving yourself a bit of laziness or making a trip to smaller uninhabited islands. Koh Sdach is also ideal for scuba divers and if you don't have the experience, you can start from Octopuses Garden, a diving center located on Koh Sdach island.

10. Koh Tang, Kampot


It is a familiar place for divers by beautiful diving beaches and is the only place in Cambodia where visitors can dive to see shipwrecks. Koh Tang has a low population, where you will escape the suffocation of the town to lie on the sea and immerse yourself in cool water. Tourists often choose to depart to this remote island from Sihanoukville.

By: Emily Garcia

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