Unique festivals around the world in October

In addition to the famous Halloween festival, October is also the time of a series of other unique events that you have never heard of.

1. Concours de Castells Tarragona, Spain


Time: Oct 1 - 2

Come to Spain in October, you will admire the legendary tower in Catalonia. Participants will go barefoot, wrap a towel around their backs, and build a nine-storey tower, on top of the tower is a baby called the enxaneta or the controller.

2. International Balloon Festival (Albuquerque Albuquerque), USA


Time: Oct 1 - 9

In the setting of the spectacular Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico, you will witness thousands of balloons flying into the early morning sky, taking part in the filmmaking competition, horseback riding, AfterGlow and hot air balloon races.

3. London Cocktail Week, UK 


Time: Oct 3 - 9

With a ticket of 10 euro, visitors will take part in meals and cocktails at more than 250 bars and restaurants throughout the city of London, UK, experience cocktails with barista classes and join the cocktail village at the old Spitalfields Market.

4. Nouveau Montreal Film Festival, Canada


Time: Oct 5 - 16

If you are a movie buff, you will not want to miss this event in Montreal, Canada from October 5th -16th. Expected to be a pioneer event, the festival will feature more than 300 films as well as conferences, art events, cocktail parties, concerts and the Transmedia project.

5. Rocking The Daisies, South Africa


Time: Oct 6 - 9

After an hour drive North of Cape Town, you will be immersed in rock music and EDM editions from the 9th floor of a house. The Daisies Festival is held in West Cape Province, South Africa.

6. Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey


Time: Oct 7 - 16/

If you can not attend the Sundance Film Festival or Cannes, do not worry about that, just have a trip to Istanbul, Turkey from October 7th to 16th, you can watch all the movies in recent years.

7. Pop Festival, Canada


Time: Oct 19 - 22

Rarely is the event inflated with the name "Boom", but in Halifax, it is another story. This festival will mingle a bit of cultural workshops, a bit of industry convention, and the rest is music from the inside out.

8. Amsterdam Dance Festival, Netherlands 


Time: Oct 19 - 23

Taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this festival is a dance-music event with electronic music to a whole new level. Hundreds of electronic music events throughout the city are held by well-known DJs, movie shows, art exhibitions ...

9. Festival Suds Marseille, France 


Time: Oct 20 - 22

Leaving the coat of a dry industrial city, Marseille, France is becoming a seaside destination with artistry. Suds Marseille Festival is a harmonious combination of live music, art exhibitions, children's activities and French cuisine.

10. Book Fair Frankfurt, Germany 


ime: Oct 19 - 23

Bookshop Frankfurt, Germany is a place for book lovers, book sellers, writers and anyone with a passion for literature. This 500-year-old event is the world's most important book fair here.

By: Michelle Lam

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