Things to consider before ending your relationship

Before saying goodbye, why not spend some time alone to think about what you really should and should not do before deciding to end this relationship?

Deciding to end a relationship is never easy for anyone. Sometimes it is a right decision, but sometimes it is a wrong choice. Love is like life. You have to go through many challenges, many difficulties to be able to grow and appreciate the things around your, the people next to you.

So, before making a choice to continue or end your current relationship, take some time to think about these things in order to make the right decision - the decision that when you think about it, you will smile instead of feeling regretful.


What are the good things that this relationship gives both of you?

You can rely on the positive, happy memories to look back on the current relationship. The things you've been through together, the happy moments, the old harmony you cannot find in anyone else... Are these things are strong enough for you to compare with the bad things that are happening right now, and consider your decision or not?

What makes you feel everything is getting harder?

What causes the conflicts, what causes the fights? Can you and your partner solve these problems or not together?


Remember your best moments, and your hard times as well

Take some time to remember the memories that made you both happy. Can those things really shake you once again?

At the same time, remember the hard times that you get through together. How could you both overcome these difficulties? This is a very important element to help you to remember the happy times of both, and to answer the question: "Why you two could do it before, and cannot do it now?"

What are the pros of your partner?

Of course, everyone has their own pros and cons. However, you should only think about the good ones. Remember what he or she did for you. What did your partner do to make you become a better person or change in a positive way?


What will make you regret once you end this relationship?

In a relationship where you have been together for a long time, the feelings or sacrifices that both of you have for each other surely will make you feel very painful or regret when you decide to end the relationship.

Although time is not the only reason to keep a relationship, it is still something that makes you think. Time comes with memories and love. Can you easily get rid of everything without thinking? Are you sure you will not regret this decision?


What can you do to get this relationship out of the deadlock and get better?

A really good relationship is when two people love and respect each other. Let's see this period as a love challenge for you and the other, and find ways to overcome it together. A love which has undergone challenges is a love worth cherishing.

What are the bad things you can change to make this relationship better?

Think about your own mistakes that have affected this relationship instead of persistently blaming your lover and ending the relationship. See yourself fairly, review your bad side and try to fix it.



By: Lily Haney

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