How to tell whether it's time for a new job?

No matter how much you like your current job, there are still challenges or opportunities that make you think about getting a new job.

1. Laziness each morning

If every Sunday night for you is a time of boredom you think about the stupid work on every Monday morning, you really have to find a new job. You have to remember, time spent on work must be time to bring you joy and inspiration. Work must be a factor to help you achieve happiness and improve quality of life. Have you spent all weekdays working in a "surviving" attitude to get to Friday and spending the rest of the week sinking into a panic when Monday is getting closer? It is definitely not a life to live.

Just determine the reason: co-workers, leaders or the job itself? Whatever it is, keep it in mind, asking the right questions around the issue during the interview for a new job to avoid repeating the same mistakes is extremely necessary. For example, if you've ever had a problem with your co-workers, ask questions that are deeply rooted in the company's culture, or even ask to talk to your prospective colleagues for some initial sense of their characters.


2. Tiresome work

There is nothing worse than spending most of your time in the office just counting your time. Is your job too tedious or do you unexpectedly accept a job that is against your personality? Once the problem has been identified, you can find a new job that is more suitable with more potential opportunities to develop yourself.


3. Toxic environment

Working in a toxic environment drains not only your mental, physical, but also emotional health. Gradually, you will lose your true happiness. Whatever the cause is, a boss who is asking for too much or biasing, colleagues who are competing unfairly, or the not worthy salary... you must escape as soon as possible. The best way is definitely finding a new job. Do not let the condition get worse.

Many argue that these things will help to make you stronger, but that idea is extremely distorted because work is also life. Life needs to be happy. To develop life and work, you need to be praised and judged professionally. Humans only develop their strength when they are encouraged properly.


4. A ten-thousand-year opportunity

You are lucky to have a good working environment, great colleagues and bosses, and you also like the current job. But what if a ten-thousand-year opportunity comes to find you? How will you decide? That is not to say, if you have worked long enough, it will be difficult to leave your familiar colleagues and your familiar job. But if it is a good chance to help you expand your limits and bring you valuable experiences, then consider carefully.

This open door can give you the opportunity to learn new skills that you love, or help you decorate your CV, or it could be a leadership position with greater responsibility, higher salary that will help you to sharpen your management skills. Whatever it is, once you deserve the new job, you have the right to make a "selfish" decision. After all, your career is about serving yourself and your future.



By: Archie Henderson

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